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Penn Jillette And Adam Rifkin Crowd Funding Their “Sexy And Scary” Movie, Director’s Cut

Penn Jillette, the closest thing to a Barnum and Bailey barker in the film and TV right now, is being busy out there on the web, drumming up interest via social media.

Trailer For The Wicker Man’s Restored Final Cut

Studio Canal have restored Robin Hardy’s much-loved fable of the superstitious vs. reason, on of the most lauded horror films of all time.

“Substantially Longer” Director’s Cut Of A Good Day To Die Hard Planned

I was remiss in not posting this a couple of weeks back but it just crossed my mind again, I realised it had yet to “go wide” and so I thought I’d share it. Why not? So… here’s the short …

Frank Oz’s Letter From The New Director’s Cut Of Little Shop Of Horrors

Try not to read it in “one of his voices.”

Is There An Extended Cut Of Prometheus Coming Less Than Two Weeks From Now?

Perhaps. Though it isn’t clear.

Will The Dark Knight Rises DVD And Blu-Ray Really Contain A Director’s Cut?

It’s just a rumour that’s been spread around town – for now, anyway – but people are saying The Dark Knight Rises will be released in a new, director’s cut on DVD and Blu-ray. It seems that Nuke The Fridge …

Images Reveal Aliens From The Prometheus Cutting Room Floor, Videos Give Us An FX How-To

From the Prometheus we didn’t get.

Superb News: Three Hours And Six Minute Director’s Cut Of Margaret Coming Soon

One of the best movies of “last year” is getting longer, hopefully better.

Restored, Extended Version Of Once Upon A Time In America To Bring 40 More Minutes To Cannes

While we’ve known for a while that a restored, extended cut of Sergio Leone‘s nostalgic gangster reverie Once Upon A Time In America was coming, we didn’t know when – and we certainly didn’t know how long it was going …