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Kevin James Does Vegas In Trailer For Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

I was just thinking the other day that we needed a new Die Hard type franchise. A series of movies where the main character gets into situation after situation that would never happen to a person once, let alone twice. …

Die Hard 6 Will Be Die Hardest If One Brit Writer Gets His Way

The title was inevitable wasn’t it?

Video: The Deleted Knife Fight From A Good Day To Die Hard

A rather brutal knife fight between John McClane and Alik, the film’s first chief baddie and apparently something of a Krav Maga master.

Olympus Has Fallen — The Bleeding Cool Review

We get to say “Yippee-ky-yay POTUS” twice this year. Michael Moran reports on the first of two planned destructions of the White House.

Predator Set For 3D Re-Release This Year But Only On Blu-Ray

Following I, Robot, Fox are getting ready for the rumble in the 3D jungle.

Image Gallery: Taking Guns Out Of Movies And Replacing Them With… Thumbs Up?

Sometimes you just have to let someone know that you are a-ok.

Swipe File: GI Joe Retaliation And A Couple Of Other Bruce Willis Films

This does no credit to Bruce Willis. The man was in Twelve Monkeys, Pulp Fiction, Looper and Moonlighting, you know?

“Substantially Longer” Director’s Cut Of A Good Day To Die Hard Planned

I was remiss in not posting this a couple of weeks back but it just crossed my mind again, I realised it had yet to “go wide” and so I thought I’d share it. Why not? So… here’s the short …

A Good Day To Die Hard – You Can Watch It When You’re 12, But You Can’t Play It Until You’re Seventeen

if the child-friendly cut down has left you personally jonesing for a more adult-oriented Die Hard fix, and you’ve played your copy of the original until the silicon turned to vinegar, there might still be an option… or maybe not really…

The Evolution Of Die Hard – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes; Oh look, there’s another DIE HARD movie that nobody asked for. The critics hate it. Even Bruce Willis looks tired and bored of the whole thing. But it has what the genre demands: ‘SPOLSIONS! LOTS AND LOTS …

Now Is The Time To Buy The First Four Die Hards On Blu-Ray

A Good Day To Buy Hard, eh? Eh?

Fox’s Official Response To Complaints About Their Cutting A Good Day To Die Hard

Will Fox’s decision impact on the film’s box office? That would really be the only way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

What Happened When I Asked Jai Courtney About The “Big Ideas” In A Good Day To Die Hard

Jai Courtney co-stars in A Good Day To Die Hard as John McClane’s son. I sat down to speak with him at the end of last week.

Good Day To Die Hard Edited To Secure Child-Friendly 12a Rating In The UK – UPDATED With More Details

20th Century Fox have played the game very differently in the UK than in the US.

Bruce Willis Says There’s A Sixth Die Hard Coming

“Will there be a sixth Die Hard film?” “Yes.”

All Of The Die Hards Returning To Cinemas For All-Day Marathon, Culminating In Early Screenings Of A Good Day To Die Hard

February 13th will be A Good Day To Keep Dying Hard All Day.

Next Die Hard Pleases Fans With An R Rating

No need for melon farming on a Good Day to Die Hard.

Latest Full Trailer For A Good Day To Die Hard

Hey dad! Hey son!