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Deleted Scene From The Time Of The Doctor And A Ten-Minute Making-Of

There was a whole subplot cut from The Time of the Doctor about a Weeping Angel, a petrified leg and a bit of self-amputation. This deleted scene isn’t from *that* subplot.

Sure, It’s Funny, But They Probably Shouldn’t Have Released This Iron Man 3 Deleted Scene To The Web

This clip is massively spoilery from the very first second.

More Mandarin – Watch A Deleted Scene From Iron Man 3

I’ve actually seen the upcoming Blu-ray of Iron Man 3, scoured its special features and pored over its picture and audio quality and… I’m under embargo. For a bit.

Patton Oswalt’s Eight Minute Improvised Pitch For Star Wars Episode VII

Improvising a fillbuster scene for Parks and Recreation, Patton Oswalt delivers an outline for Star Wars Episode VII.

A Five Minute Deleted Scene From This Is 40

Intimate talk over dinner.

A New Deleted Scene From Thor – With Much More Promised For The Marvel Movie Box-Set

Hey look – the building is sorta-hammer shaped and it says Smith on it. Had I noticed that before?

Watch The Raiders Whip-On-Sword Fight That Harrison Ford Flushed Down The Toilet

Thank you, diarrhea.

Another Avengers Deleted Scene And Gag Reel

More Loki, more Hawkeye, and then more dicking around and corpsing.

Video: Deleted Scene From The Avengers Asks An Interesting Hulk Question

Maybe don’t watch this if you’re one of the six people who hasn’t seen the full film yet.

Big List Of Deleted Scenes You Can Look Forward To On The Star Wars Blu-Rays

Several deleted scenes have entered Star Wars lore, little holy grails of flickering light that the fans have been waiting to see for decades. A few crept out along the way, on DVD supplements, in TV specials, in illicit midnight …