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Exclusive Video: Deconstructing The Design Of Monsters University With Director Dan Scanlon And Producer Kori Rae

Some analysis of Pixar magic from the filmmakers.

A Very Close Look At The Oblivion Trailer – Clues, References And Nods

Going shot by shot through the first trailer for Oblivion. Okay, I left one shot out. It was boring.

A Very Close Look At The Iron Man 3 Trailer

There’s all sorts of little goodies tucked away in here.

Some Things You May Not Have Spotted In The New Men In Black 3 Trailer

A new trailer for Men in Black 3 launched today and while most of it is utterly self explanatory, some shots seem to merit a little commentary.

A Really Very Close Look At The New Avengers Trailer

Complete with at least one high quality grab from every shot, let’s take a good look at the new Avengers trailer and see if we can’t work out what’s going on, and what it has to do with we’ve heard about the film so far.