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Getting The Word Out On Free Comic Book Day

As word of last year’s Free Comic Book Day rolled around, there was something different in the mix. Something that surprised a few folks… among the free comics offered there was something else. A magazine about comics. A magazine filled …

Forty-One Thoughts About Forty Comics – Uber, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & The X-Men, Satellite Sam, Sinister Dexter, Skin Trade, Three, Chew, Manifest Destiny, Wasteland, Batman, Batgirl, Wolverine, Deathmatch, 3 Guns, Nova, Thunderbolts, Adventure Time, Krampus, Protocol Orphans, Drumhellar, GI Joe, Justice League #3000, Superboy, Unity, Harbinger, A Boy And A Girl, Warlock, Doc Savage, GI Joe Special Missions, Indestructible, Alex + Ada, Lazarus, Memory Collectors, Dead Body Road, Powerpuff Girls, Star Trek, Wraith And X-Files

A quick flick through a few of this week’s comics, in the most popular regular column on Bleeding Cool, X Thoughts About X Comics. Get in touch if you want your comic book featured…   From Uber #8, Joe Stalin …

Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics – Infinity, Love Stories (To Die For), X-Factor, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, God Is Dead, Uber, Batman Black And White, X-Men Legacy, The Creeper, Satellite Sam, Sheltered, Chew, Witchblade, Baltimore, Garfield, Mouse Guard, Suicide Risk, Catalyst, Shadowman, Quantum & Woody, Hit, Deathmatch And The Star Wars

You know how Ultron’s head got kicked off at the end of Age Of Ultron #10? I’m wondering if that hunt for Ultron’s head in Brian Bendis’ Moon Knight was meant to actually happen after Age Of Ultron… Sorry, I’ve …

The Bullying Of Creators – Paul Jenkins Talks About Leaving DC And Marvel For Boom

Last week, Paul Jenkins wrote an open letter about his decision to leave the likes of Marvel and DC behind and work exclusively on comic books through Boom! Studios. Lines like I’m going to remove myself from working for the …

Deathmatch #2 – Who Will Win?

Deathmatch #1 was a huge success for BOOM!, selling more than any non-licensed comic for the publisher. Paul Jenkins‘ debut issue provided thrills and surprises, while developing the setting for this deadly new series. 32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Deathmatch …

Deathmatch #1 Sells 37,000, Goes To Second Print, But #2 Orders Are Under 10,000

Deathmatch #1 came out on Boxing Day and seems to have done rather well. Indeed, it’s sold more than any non-licensed Boom! comic to date. Selling 37,000 copies to retailers (and retailers selling them to customers for a dollar), it …

Five Thoughts About Five Comics – Before Watchmen: Nite Owl, Hip Flask: Ouroborous, Crossed Badlands, Deathmatch and The Shadow Annual

   Crossed: Badlands #20 by Simon Spurrier and Raulo Caceres reflects to the desire of Si Spurrier to explore some of the more interesting Crossed concepts as he has in Crossed: Wish You Were Here. And this is a story …

Next Wednesday, Deathmatch #1 Debuts! Who Will Win Nephilim vs Electronika?

Next Wednesday, Deathmatch #1 finally arrives. 32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Now, the fun (and contest) begins…

Deathmatch Profile: Mink

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Mink.

Deathmatch Profile: Perpetu-Hedron

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Perpetu-Hedron.

Deathmatch Profile: Professor Higgins

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Professor Higgins.

Deathmatch Profile: Meridian

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Meridian.

Deathmatch Profile: The Glyph

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… The Glyph.

Deathmatch Profile: The Mutate

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… The Mutate.

Deathmatch Profile: Monkey

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Monkey.

Deathmatch Profile: The Collective

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… The Collective.

Deathmatch Profile: Nephilim

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Nephilim.

Deathmatch Profile: Sable

32 Were Chosen. 31 Will Die. Introducing… Sable.