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DC Nation Gives Us Two Green Arrow Cartoons

I used to love Saturday Morning cartoons… so it’s not Saturday… but it’s still kind of morning and DC has released two of their latest DC Nation Green Arrow bits. This is definitely a different Green Arrow then we see …

Two New Shorts from DC Nation’s Doom Patrol

If you like your animated superheroes with a touch of the old matinee serials and a heap of silliness… then you’ll like these two shorts from DC Nation starring the Doom Patrol.  

New Animated Green Arrow For DC Nation

DC All Access talks with Jeff Mednikow, director of the new short Green Arrow: Brick, about the new designs and theme for the animated Green Arrow that is joining the DC Nation.

Zack Snyder And Bruce Timm’s Animated Superman Short, Taking In 75 Years In 2 Minutes

I can’t get sufficient internet bandwidth where I am to watch the new Superman 75th anniversary short, but I understand it’s quite the crowd pleaser.

Headline: Batman Vs. Superman Cartoon “Too Dark”, Story: Batman Vs. Superman Cartoon Was “Light”

Mitch Watson explains the Batman shows that never were.

DC Nation’s Shade The Changing Man Short Toon

They don’t call him the Changing Man for nothing.

Watch: Three Full Episodes Of DC Nation’s Funky Wonder Woman Shorts

The best of DC Nation allows experimentation with both style and content. See a little of both in these short Wonder Woman toons.

First Clip From Beware The Batman Leans Heavily On Bold Graphic Design

One of the producers on Beware the Batman is Mitch Watson, top dog on the superb Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated. That fact, and the Avengers-style opening sequence, had me feeling pretty keen…

Watch: All Of Lauren Faust’s Super Best Friends Forever And Other DC Nation Shorts

Including stop motion by Aardman, some Japanese-style pseudo-anime, The Farm League and plenty more.

Very Stylish Opening Titles For Beware The Batman

What’s black and white and red all over?

Trailer For Beware The Batman – Premiering On DC Nation In July

Perfectly timed to generate some buzz ahead of the geek-chatter petri dish that is San Diego Comic-Con.

First Images From New DC Nation Shows Beware The Batman And Teen Titans Go!

Let’s be absolutely clear, the exclamation mark in the headline is part of the show’s title and nothing to do with me.

BC Mag #2: Getting Your Animated Super Hero Fix

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rick Verbanas If you are old enough to remember like me, cartoons were reserved for Saturday mornings. I recall waking up as a child and racing to the television so I could catch all my …

DC Nation Returns This Weekend – Here Are Four Preview Videos

Young Justice, Green Lantern and the whole DC Nation shebang return this Saturday for the first time since they just vanished without warning back in October.

All Of The Reasons We’re Hearing For Why DC Nation Just Vanished

The whats whys and who knows of the DC Nation mystery.

DC Nation To Return To The Airwaves… Next Year

And a Green Lantern producer responds.

DC Nation Suddenly Pulled From The Schedules, Replaced With Repeats

DC wiped off the face of TV. Temporarily?

Video: Lauren Faust’s Super Best Friends Forever Vs. Solomon Grundy

My favourite new TV show of 2012. So far.