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Two New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Featurettes

Just because last night’s X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer was deemed the “final” one, that doesn’t mean the barrage of footage will stop.

A Final, And Rather Different, Theatrical Trailer For X-Men: Days Of Future Past

If Bryan Singer and team have loaded this with as many resonances as X2, for example, we’ll be onto a real winner.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Opening Battle Scene Released

The X-Men – those from the dystopian future, not the ones in the past who will be the main stars of the film – face off against futuristic Sentinels

Video And Pictures: 25 Moments In Mutant History Show How Days Of Future Past Tie Into The Series‏

There’s some fun to be had from Fox’s new Days of Future Past promotion.

Quicksilver In Actual Action In New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Image

So maybe Fox and co regret their decision to show us our first really good look at Quicksilver in a Carl’s Jr ad

Between Bits Of New Footage, Bryan Singer Explains The Appeal Of X-Men Days Of Future Past‏

There’s also a great bit of James McAvoy being really excited.

X-Men On A Magazine Cover, X-Men In Another Little Video Taste, X-Men All Over

The PR onslaught for X-Men: Days of Future Past is in a high gear now.

See Quicksilver In (Biscuit) Action – The X-Men: Days Of Future Past Version

And some bonus posters that made me think of Abba.

Several X-Men: Days Of Future Past Videos With New Footage, Interviews, Mutant Fun‏

I think this looks like more fun than any tin of Pringles, and I love Pringles.

First TV Spot For X-Men: Days Of Future Past

There are a good number of interesting little fragments in this thirty-second promo. Days of Future Past certainly seems to be full of ideas.

New Full Trailer For X-Men Days Of Future Past – UPDATE – And A New Poster

This is an interesting trailer with an awful lot of Days of Future before we jump into the Past.

Rumour: Another “Original Mutant” Has Filmed A Cameo For Days Of Future Past‏

I’m sceptical. Very. But we’ll see.

Has Halle Berry’s Storm Been Almost Entirely Cut From X-Men: Days Of Future Past? – UPDATED

If it’s all for the good of the film, a few bruised egos would be a tiny price to pay.

Quick New Footage From X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Hopefully this is a tease for a long trailer coming soon.

A Whole Bunch Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past Images

The character pics are pretty cool though, and give a nice detailed close-up at costumes and such.

So Is Rogue In Days Of Future Past Or Not?

I don’t know if he’s had a change of heart, has come under orders from Fox or just overlooked a detail when making his original claims, but Singer has now changed his story.

New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Stills, Plus Some Dubious Plotline Rumors

Maybe bookmark to read after you see the movie, just in case.

More X-Men Footage Teases A Day Of Mutant… Something‏

Whatever Monday brings, I’ll be tuned in patiently, and bringing it all to you too.