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Last Full Riddick Trailer Focuses On The Monsters

Like Pitch Black before it, Riddick seems to owe a debt to the Alien series. Not a bad thing. Arguably preferable to the more heavy-loaded second movie in the series.

Watch The “Motion Comic” Prequel To The Next Riddick

I can’t help feel we’re being condescended to with marketing materials like this. Surely this video can only have been thrown together with a “that’ll do” attitude?

New Riddick TV Spot Is Short And Violent

Vin Deisel is back as Riddick and he’s shared a TV spot for it on Facebook.

Vin Diesel Announces Release Date For Riddick, IMAX And All

Goggles will return in the autumn.

First Poster For Riddick, The Third… Um… Riddick Film

Extreme weather for Riddick in the first poster for his next misadventure.

Riddick Logo Brings On That Pitch Black Feeling

The sun goes down on Riddick. Or comes up. The jury is out.

How The New Riddick Earned Its R Rating

Violence, language, body parts. All that popular stuff.

Katee Sackhoff And A Creature Both Feature In Latest Riddick Pics

Complete with Vin Diesel’s own annotations, here are the three latest pictures the man who would be Riddick has posted to his Facebook page.

Riddick Storyboards And New Production Still

The Riddick grassroots publicity won’t slow down and is, I’d imagine, in real danger of peaking early.

Official Plot Blurb For The New Riddick Movie, Riddick

Don’t worry about all of the back slapping and PR speak, the new press release announcing that the third Riddick film is in production (which, of course, we already knew) has just two important paragraphs: The infamous Riddick has been …

Riddick Is Ready For His Close Up, Mr. Twohy

Here. Take a look at Riddick’s new specs and, in the second picture, his rather complex and detailed looking double-knife. These pictures were posted by Vin Diesel to Facebook, along with this comment: First time I posted about Riddick was …

Riddick Cast Getting Beefed Up While Film Is On Hiatus

All being well, production on the troubled third Riddick film should resume on December 28th. During the intervening downtime, it seems that director David Twohy is busy beefing up his cast with a few more names. Here’s the roster, courtesy …

Vin Diesel’s Shut-Down Riddick Film Gets Back On Track But The Crew Are Still Unpaid

Production on Vin Diesel and David Twohy‘s next Riddick picture had come to halt when cast, including Diesel and Katee Sackhoff, and the crew were shut out of a Montreal studio, arriving one morning to find the locks had been …