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Create Your Own Adventures In Time And Space With Cubicle 7′s Doctor Who Roleplaying Game

By Christopher Helton Now that we are a couple of episodes into the new Doctor Who series, I think that it is time to talk about something of great social import: the licensed Doctor Who roleplaying game from Cubicle 7 …

Erik’s Weekly Watch: Best Bets For Fall TV Premiers and Returns – Gotham, Brooklyn-Nine-Nine And Homeland To The DVR

By Erik Grove Welcome back to Erik’s Weekly Watch! This week I’m going to be talking about some of your best bets for entertainment in the coming TV season. Sometimes it seems that we live in a golden age of …

Top 100 Comics For July 2014 – Matt Smith Beats David Tennant, Official

Here is the list of the hundred top selling comic books in the North American comic stores for July 2014, as ordered by direct market accounts. Rocket Raccoon #1 topped the chart, selling two and a half times the amount …

Being The Doctor Is Like Being The President Of The United States…

Former Doctor Who star, David Tennant was interviewed recently by the entertainment talk show Innerspace and asked a few simple questions like what its like 4 years after having played the Doctor and why he thought the show might go …

Selling The Geek – A Look At 2014/2015 Trailers From ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW

By Ray Flook We live in “The TRUE Golden Age of Television.” (Giving everyone a second to relax and put their knives away before I explain…) Let me start with a confession: when I use the word “television,” I’m using …

No Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Comics From Titan. Yet. And Exactly Who Will Be Able To Sell Them?

Announced at the ComicsPRO retailer event in Atlanta, Georgia, are details of the two new monthly Doctor Who comics from Titan Comics. One featuring the Tenth Doctor even though he’s technically the eleventh, and one featuring the Eleventh Doctor even …

First image Of David Tennant And Anna Gunn In Gracepoint, The American Broadchurch Remake‏

The show played in the US on BBC America and became a cult hit but that hasn’t dissuaded Fox from producing a States-set do-over.

A Brief Musical Tour Of Doctor Who – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes: I’d been thinking about the music of Doctor Who for a while and had hoped someone would write about it. Since no one has, I thought I’d give it a try, since it’s a major component of …

Neil Gaiman Comments On The Doctor Who Numbering

Over on his tumblr account, Neil Gaiman was asked the following question by harryhadouken: Is the War Doctor now considered as the canonical Ninth Doctor? I’m not sure why Gaiman would be the one to ask this, yes he has written …

One Of The Doctors Drops A Really Big Day Of The Doctor Spoiler

Everything I’m going to talk about is meant to be a surprise. Stay away if you don’t want to know.

We Just All Saw A Clip Of Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor

Courtesy of BBC’s Children In Need. I’m sure it will be up somewhere soon. The Doctor and Oswin called in by the National Gallery to look at a series of paintings, the glass smashed from the inside and figures in …

Full Trailer For The Day Of The Doctor Is Here A Day Early

And now, even more footage in the form of an international trailer.

First Footage From Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day Of The Doctor‏

This first pair of shots from the Day of the Doctor prompt more questions than they provide answers, and they practically demand freeze framing.

Full Trailer For The Day Of The Doctor To Screen This Saturday

As The Day of the Doctor draws closer, word comes that the first trailer will be released this Saturday.

Matt Smith’s Is Bigger Than David Tennant’s, At Last A Ginger And… Marco Polo?

“I wanted to be ginger! I’ve never been ginger” – David Tennant, Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion “Still not ginger!” – Matt Smith, Doctor Who: The End Of Time “He realises that he’s actually got ginger hair” – Matt Smith …

Steven Moffat Says Doctor Can Only Have Twelve Regenerations But “There’s Something You’ve All Missed”

Time for some blind theorising about something made up that somebody has made up in private and which could, really, be just about anything.

New Images From The Day Of The Doctor, The 50th Anniversary Special

Yes, I think that is his sonic screwdriver poking out there. And I’m totally onboard with the theory about this costume.

David Tennant To Repeat Himself And Star In The US Version Of Broadchurch Too

Chris Chibnall’s murder mystery Broadchurch is being prepped for a Stateside do-over for Fox TV.