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David Mamet Developing 7 Deadly Sins Miniseries For Fox

The project is in the early stages of development, but is part of Fox’s longterm plan to offer more limited event series.

Rebecca Pidgeon Has Some Interesting Things To Say About Phil Spector And David Mamet

This is the kind of featurette you’d expect to focus on a writer-director, but there’s no David Mamet here. Instead, we’re hosted by his wife, Rebecca Pidgeon.

David Mamet, Al Pacino And Co. Tell Us Who And What Phil Spector Is

A talking heads and clips featurette for the upcoming HBO movie.

Al Pacino Wigs Out – Full Trailer For Phil Spector Goes Wild

David Mamet’s Phil Spector biopic gets a bit shouty.

Second Teaser Trailer For Phil Spector Lets Al Pacino And Helen Mirren Have A Bit Of A Ding Dong

Netflix might have the big profile, headline grabbing new series but HBO seem to have the exciting new movies.

HBO’s Winter Preview Trailer – Game Of Thrones, Girls, Phil Spector And More

I’d subscribe, if I were “over there.”

First Teaser For David Mamet And Al Pacino’s Phil Spector Movie

This trailer is something of a record breaker.

HBO Preview Images: Eastbound And Down, Phil Spector, Behind The Candelabra And More

It’s worth pausing the latest HBO preview for a closer look.

Why It’s Not Too Late To Start Watching The Walking Dead

Two episodes of The Walking Dead have aired in the US, and the second is to get its UK premiere on FX tonight, November 12th. You could be forgiven for thinking it’s already too late for you to join in …

David Mamet To Write And Direct Phil Spector Film, Al Pacino To Star

I spent years keenly awaiting Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise’s long-planned biopic of Phil Spector, despite finding the casting of Cruise a touch mystifying. Then that one seemed to get finally and permanently derailed after Spector was convicted for the …