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Twenty-Five Years Later… Twin Peaks Is Back In 2016 On Showtime (Updated)

Well, they did promise. UPDATE: David Lynch and Mark Frost are bringing back their television series Twin Peaks as a nine-part limited series on Showtime. The show will go into production in 2015 and air in 2016, 25 years from when the show ended its run …

Laura Palmer’s House Is For Sale. I Wouldn’t Live There In A Million Yours, Your Mileage Might Vary

Not much has shaken me up like the Cousin Maddie’s last episode of Twin Peaks. I could certainly never live in the Palmer house. If you’re not so delicate (ie. you’re made of iron) then perhaps you want to consider …

Ray Wise Says Long Lost Deleted Scenes For Twin Peaks Movie Will Be On Blu-Ray Set

And he doesn’t really sound unsure about it at all, so I guess it’s a sure thing, by his estimation.

David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive Started Out As A Twin Peaks Spin-Off For Audrey Horn‏e

You may recall that the Mulholland Drive we do have actually did start life as a TV pilot.

David Lynch Sets The Record Straight On The New Twin Peaks Blu-Rays And New “Special Things”

It sadly sounds like the new Blu-ray set won’t be fully comprehensive, but it’s still an essential purchase in my book.

Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Promo Will Be “A Big Surprise,” Ray Wise Says He Makes An Appearance

The man who played Leland Palmer has been back to Twin Peaks this week.

David Lynch To Shoot New Twin Peaks Material, Probably As A Promo For The Upcoming Blu-Rays

Sorry people of colour, blondes, fellas, the non-attractive (whatever that means), ladies with smaller bosoms, those under 18 or over 27, or anybody with an… um… modern face.

Video: Nick Rhodes Promises A Theatrical Release For David Lynch’s Duran Duran Movie

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Set Is On Its Way And It Will Probably Include Fire Walk WIth Me

The greatest TV show of all time will finally get a Blu-ray release and it’s going to have a very special extra.

David Lynch Invites You To Dream Big And Create Your Own Song

Start looking for a rock that is exactly 4 inches by 4 inches and then make a song.

Listen: New Music From David Lynch, The Soundtracks To Only God Forgives And The World’s End

A selection of some great new music that you can listen to right now.

Point Break Remake By Terrence Malick, Michael Bay And Lars Von Trier – Afterwards They Will Explode

Well, their original was such a hit, this was bound to happen.

David Lynch Is Trying To Make A New Movie

And according to his daughter, this new movie is “mind boggling”.

Watch: David Lynch’s Nine Inch Nails Video, Came Back Haunted

David Lynch said he first got into filmmaking because he was frustrated as a painter. He wanted his paintings to move.

David Lynch Directing A Video For Nine Inch Nails

The video is only one of Lynch’s recent or ongoing projects, which include his new album The Big Dream, a paper lightning bolt and a box with wallpaper and a nude woman.

David Lynch’s Duran Duran Movie Screening At Cannes – But You Can Watch Most Of It Now

Yes, this is obviously the work of Mr. Lynch.

David Lynch Working On Recognizably David Lynch-Like Screenplay

Including the David Lynch movie shopping list.

Video: David Lynch’s Short Film About A Lithograph Press

Not terribly far away from a deleted scene from The Elephant Man.