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Some Of The UK’s Best Comedy Talent Want To Tell You A Story – Trailers For Crackanory

An adults-only spin on Jackanory. Looks sinister and possibly very funny. I hope it’s even one half as good as Podge and Rodge’s A Scare at Bedtime.

Watch The First Couple Of Minutes Of Dave Gorman’s Modern Life Is Goodish

Dave Gorman’s doing another slide-based comedy show, once again tapping into the same sort of thoughtful anecdotage and just-use-your-noggin light outrage that worked so well in the past.

Richard Herring On Co-Creating Alan Partridge, His Rasputin TV Show And Dave’s New Comedy Competition

Richard Herring wants to judge your comedy. In a good way.

Five Reasons To Stop Worrying And Look Forward To Red Dwarf X

Including a report from the filming of the new series.

One More Red Dwarf Clip Ahead Of Thursday’s Kick-Off

The new series starts this week.

New Rimmer And Lister Clip From Red Dwarf X

Lots of envelopes and a football manager voice.

Unlock A New Red Dwarf X Trailer-Clip Now

Every Saturday between now and the launch of Red Dwarf X on October 4th, Dave will be posting a new trailer-clip for the series online. It’s going to be locked, however, and will require an access code to get it …

Red Dwarf X To Air In The US “At Same Time” As In The UK

Thank you, PBS.

Red Dwarf X Plot Details And Airdate Revealed

A little something on what each of the new episodes entails.

New Red Dwarf X Clip Demonstrates Some Entanglement

Not the trailer we were expecting, but a clip of Kryten and the cat getting Entangled. If you read the episode list we ran the other day, I bet you’ve guessed which instalment this is from. Feels old school Dwarfy, …

Red Dwarf X Finale To Rework Unused Movie Ideas, Feature Space Dog Fight

Grumpy Old Men in space, with continuity call backs, big ideas and SFX dog fighting.

Titles For Every Episode In The Next Series Of Red Dwarf X

Spoilers? I mean… can a title even be a spoiler?

A Couple Of New Red Dwarf X Promo Shots, First Episode Title Revealed

Red Dwarf is coming back for it’s 10th series this September, and after last time’s Back to Earth subtitle they’ve gone for the Romans-by-way-of-Apple option of X.

Welcome To The New Red Dwarf Sleeping Quarters

Every woman in the universe is dead and these are the sleeping quarters of the last man alive and they’re this tidy? And that man is Dave Lister? Really? Kryten, you’re a miracle worker.* We know what that jar in …

Kryten’s Message For Red Dwarf Fans Could Have Used A Little Bit Of Editing

It takes them a moment to put the fourth wall up and it eventually falls down again, but Kryten has a little message for those of us looking forward to Red Dwarf X. Small rouge one? Small? The first trailer …

More Red Dwarf Videos Reveal Camera Set-Ups And Behind The Scenes Tech

Here are the two latest videos from the Red Dwarf behind-the-scenes team. The first is a decent, meaty interview with the Steadicam operator, full of super nerdy detail about the RED camera they are using and more. There are some …

Red Dwarf Revival On-Set Images And Video

You may have been lucky and gotten your hands on tickets to a recording – if so, drop me a line – or you might be like the most of us, and out in the cold, left to wait almost …