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Angry Birds Animated Movie Reveals Cast

Angry Birds fans had a chance to unlock the cast information and a look at the new characters for the upcoming feature film over the last 48 hours by slinging one billion birds Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses) will be Red, Josh …

RUMOR: Chris Pratt And Danny McBride Offered Roles In The Knight Rider Remake

this could indicate that this is a 21 Jump Street-style remake.

Shia LaBeouf Joins Bill Murray In Barry Levinson Comedy Rock The Kasbah

So much for retirement and the frequent screams of “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.”

Red Band Trailer For New Toon, Chozen, From The Producers Of Eastbound And Down‏

A new toon from Grant Dekernion, a sometime writer’s assistant to Danny McBride and Jody Hill.

Bill Murray Joining The Incredible Cast Of Cameron Crowe’s Latest Movie

I’ve been following progress on Cameron Crowe‘s latest film for something like six or seven years now, since it was going to be called Deep Tiki and star a series of actors who now have nothing to do with the project …

First Real Trailer For The Last Season Of Eastbound And Down

I’ll warn you up front, there’s some “red band” chat in the video that follows. I mean – of course there is. You know, this trailer made me want to do the robot. Mainly because of the bit with the …

Kenny Powers Is On Fire In The First Promo For Eastbound And Down’s Final Season

I can’t quite imagine what kind of send off they’re actually going to give Kenny Powers but I’m pretty confident it will be memorable, and very likely to be both poignant and funny.

Danny McBride And Jody Hill Planning High School TV Series To Follow Eastbound & Down

I expect this will be every bit as frank a portrayal of school life as you can imagine – McBride and Hill aren’t known for pulling their punches.

This Is The End — The Bleeding Cool Review

What can you say about a madcap comedy about the End Of Days that stars just about everyone? If you’re Michael Moran, quite a bit. Apparently.

Eastbound And Down To End With Next Season, Danny McBride’s New Show Chozen Gets Picked Up

Knowing that they’re bringing the story of Kenny Powers to a close before the cameras roll, Danny McBride and co-creator and director Jody Hill should be able to wrap things up neatly.

Red Band Trailer For This Is The End – The Apocalypse Comes To James Franco’s Party

It looks like Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg might just have the final word in Hollywood navel gazing.

First Red Band Teaser For Seth Rogen And Co.’s Apocalypse Comedy, This Is The End

Also featuring James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and more.

Bullies To Be Bullied In New Movie, Bullies

Shelly Horwitz writes for Bleeding Cool Ever been bullied? Ever wanted to find sweet, sweet catharsis in a movie about bullies having bad things happen to them? Good news! Randy Krallman,  an ad director with a rack of shiny trophies …

Red Band Trailer For Pizza Delivery Boys Vs. Bank Robbers Comedy, 30 Minutes Or Less

Ruben Fleischer’s follow up to Zombieland is 30 Minutes or Less, a comedy crime film with Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari. It might also have a cameo from Taylor Lautner in it.* None of this is really making …

Your Highness, Ed’s Review, My Pleasure

Ed Whitfield writes for Bleeding Cool: David Gordon Green, the director of Pineapple Express, has reunited that film’s James Franco and Danny McBride for this fantasy take on their stoner shtick. Set in the kind of magic kingdom where Uncle Walt …

Second Trailer For Your Highness With Natalie Portman, James Franco

I didn’t like the first trailer for Your Highness. I don’t like the second one either. You might love it, however, so here it is. I can’t imagine the high-quality version at Apple will be any more convincing.

Swearing Is Punchline Stuff In The Redband Your Highness Trailer

Very poor. I had been looking forward, just a little, to David Gordon Green’s Your Highness but this trailer has done nothing but leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Some of the gags are literally just swearwords, another …

David Gordon Green’s Rough House Option Alien Pig Farm Comics

I’ve never read Todd Farmer and David Marquez’ comic series Alien Pig Farm 3000, but its official blurb certainly gives me some idea of what it would feel like: Best throw back some moonshine and kiss yer sister on the mouth …