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Danny Boyle May Direct Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic, With Leonardo Dicaprio Starring

No Social Network reunion for Aaron Sorkin’s untitled Steve Jobs biopic set up at Sony, but how about one for The Beach instead?

A Tale of Three Cop Shows: True Detective, Bosch, And Babylon – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes: Three new cop shows this month have caught my eye: True Detective, Bosch and the British series Babylon. Cop shows are like the bread-and-butter of TV drama. They have a pre-sold audience that’s hungry for a genre …

First Trailer For Babylon, The New Police Show From Danny Boyle And The Writers Of Peep Show

Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong are just the people I want to see writing a police drama set in London, not least because of their sterling work on Chris Morris’ Four Lions. For Babylon, they’ve teamed up with Danny Boyle.

Danny Boyle Teaming Up With Peep Show’s Writers For New Comedy Drama TV Series About Cops

Scripted and devised by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, the creators of Peep Show and Fresh Meat and screenwriters on the superb Four Lions.

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – GI Joe – Retaliation, Good Vibrations, Trance, Identity Thief, Roland Emmerich Movies And More

A busy one.

Danny Boyle Has Recut His Mindgame Heist Movie Trance Into Chronological Order For A DVD Bonus

I saw Danny Boyle’s Trance tonight, and afterwards, there was an extensive Q&A. The best question iwas the very last, coming from a very nervous young lady sitting directly behind me…

What James McAvoy And Danny Boyle Had To Tell Us At The Premiere Of Trance

The promise of sideburns for X-Men: Days of Future Past and Danny Boyle’s surprise at his own next project.

Danny Boyle Planning Trainspotting Sequel With Original Cast – But They’ve Yet To Agree

Timed for optimum nostalgia.

A Two Minute Heist – James McAvoy Wants To Talk To You In This Clip From Danny Boyle’s Trance

This first clip from Trance spills almost all of the film’s heist sequence.

Gory Red Band Trailer For Danny Boyle’s Trance

In a sense, this ‘not safe for work’ trailer can serve as something of a warning about the film.

Trance Trailer – Danny Boyle’s Reality-Bending Thriller Goes Inside The Mind Of An Inside Man

Sticky fingers probe the folds of James McAvoy’s grey stuff.

Danny Boyle’s Trance – First Images With James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel – UPDATED With More

An art heist gone wrong and a headbender plot full of twists.

Danny Boyle Turns Down Knighthood And James Bond

But he did say yes to the screenplay of Sunshine.

Danny Boyle Re-Cutting His Olympics Opening Ceremony For DVD Release, Promises Clarity

He wants to make it make sense.

Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr. Bean Does Chariots Of Fire’ Routine From The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Rowan Atkinson is a very talented comedian, and he does do a great job here. It would be unfair to say otherwise. Just don’t expect Blackadder III. And don’t forget the James Bond short that also screened as part of …

Spoiler Swipe File: The Olympic Opening Ceremony And League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

From that quite spectacular Olympic Ceremony tonight, we saw Voldemort amongst other villains from British children’s literature, such as the Childcatcher, Cruella De Ville, The Queen Of Hearts and more, soundly defeated by Mary Poppins in multitude, in a tribute …

VIDEO: Danny Boyle’s James Bond Short From The Olympics Opening Ceremony

And here’s tonight’s cameo appearance from James Bond at the Olympics opening ceremony. He’s got a few special guest stars as well. Well, that’s Danny Boyle’s first go at directing Bond. Will it be his last? That business with the …

127 Hours Featurette With Ralston, Boyle And Franco; Live Video Stream Of Man “Trapped” For 127 Hours

This (curiously personalised) featurette for 127 Hours wound up in my inbox, and that was a surprise. Might be rude not to share it, though, and I’d feel a bit guilty too, seeing as they took the time to say …