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“I Don’t Read Comics As A 49 Year Old Man” – Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage chose his stage name after Luke Cage. He starred in two Ghost Rider films and in Kick Ass. Over the years he has been linked with comic book movie after comic book movie after comic book movie, including …

Two Clips From The Croods – Giant Food And Gnashing Babies

I haven’t so keenly anticipated a Dreamworks animation… ever, actually.

Decoy! New Clip From The Croods Is All About The Movement Of Courting

The courtship decoy that accidentally became intimate behind the scenes.

The Flesh Eating Birds Is Coming – Croods TV Promo

Hey Kids, that’s a Hitchock joke, not a grammatical error. For once.

From Sketch To Finished Poster In Four “Easy” Steps – Chris Sanders’ The Croods

The perfect poster would be somewhere between stage three and stage four.

This Noisy Motion Poster For The Croods Really Wants To Be In 3D

Cave family vs. prehistoric… thing.

Dreamworks Have Published Their Croods Trailers In 3D

Do you have a 3D TV set that you can send YouTube to? Or a 3D computer monitor?

Superb New Trailer For The Croods Is Funnier And Plottier Than The Last One

Is there a reason people keep basing their prehistoric comedies on family groups?

New Croods Poster – Personality By Way Of Pelts

Characterisation by design, the Chris Sanders caveman way.

Dreamworks Announce And Date All Twelve Of Their 2013-2016 Toons

Piles and piles of Dreamworks Animation.

Chris Sanders’ The Croods Gets An “Art Of” Book, Cover Is A Great Family Portrait

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: the concept art for CG films can often be beautiful and astonishing in ways the finished films are not. Here’s a brilliant bit of artwork for Dreamworks’ The Croods, coming next spring. …

Here’s A Better Version Of That Emma Stone Croods Character Print From Comic-Con

Eep and the Green Tiger.

Awesome Image From The Croods And More At Chris Sanders’ Comic-Con Booth

One of the most exciting directors and designers working in animation today.

Monsters Galore in New Promo for Dreamworks’ The Croods

There’s an awful lot of monsters in this second look at The Croods, a onetime Aardman project that defected to Dreamworks. Okay, maybe not monsters. Animals. But real beasts. Nic Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are amongst the voice …

Meet Dreamworks’ The Croods – First Look Image Of The Characters

The Croods is the next project from Chris Sanders, the cult animation director who worked on Lilo & Stitch and How To Train your Dragon, and Kirk DeMicco, a screenwriter on the in-development Hong Kong Phooey film. In earlier iterations, …