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From the opening issue of the new Batman weekly, Batman Eternal. Say, is it just me or is one of the bad guys here giving quite a good impression of Spider Jerusalem? While Gotham again establishes itself as a place …

Oh Look, Constantine Just Found The Twirl Effect On Photoshop

The new issue of Constantine is published today. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.

Now An Official Image of Matt Ryan As John Constantine In His New NBC Show

Here’s how David S. Goyer, Daniel Cerone, Neil Marshall and their team have visualised John Constantine for his new TV show.

First Look At TV’s Constantine

Our first look at Matt Ryan in the gear.

Constantine Hatches An Evil Plan – New Clip From Muppets Most Wanted

Kermit has an evil doppelganger in the new Muppets film, the explosives-loving master criminal, Constantine. Here he is pitching a plan to his number two, Dominic Badguy.

NBC’s Constantine Casts A Chas, A Female Lead And A Guardian Angel

Daniel Cerone wrote the script, from a story he developed with David S. Goyer, and if this goes to series, we could see it on NBC’s schedule this fall.

Stephen Bissette Asks DC What To Do About Constantine Inquiries

With news of an upcoming Constantine series, Stephen Bissette, co-creator of the character wrote a letter to DC Comics which he posted on his facebook page. You can read between the lines a bit here if you want… it’s not …

Papa Midnite Is Constantine’s TV Big Bad, Show Is Set In New York

Further to our previous information that the new TV Constantine is to be blond Brit, I can now share a little more information about where the show will go should it get picked up for a full run.

TV’s Constantine Casts Welsh Actor Matt Ryan In Title Role

Well, he’s not blonde or a Londoner (though, he certainly could be turned into one by the time cameras roll), but still a lot closer than Keanu Reeves, right?

TV’s Constantine Is A Londoner And He’s Going To Keep His Accent

And, yes, he’s going to be blond.

NBC Have Commissioned The Pilot For David Goyer’s John Constantine TV Show

TV versions of DC comics are looking to be rather decentralised with different shows set up at CW, Fox and NBC.

Smallville Goes Magical With Zatanna and Constantine

TVguide.com is reporting that Smallville is going to get just a little more crowded. Everyone’s favorite fishnet clad magician Zatanna returns to Clark Kent‘s home town, but this time she’s at odds with John Constantine. The DC Comics digital series based …

Forever Evil (Or At Least Until February) – Constantine, Justice League, JLA, Arkham War And Suicide Squad

We did it for Inhumanity, why not for Forever Evil too? Five books this week, all Forever Evil-bannered but which books actually matter to the storyline? Let’s find out. Constantine #9 The cover reads “To Save The Woman He Loves, …

WB “Need” To Get Wonder Woman Onto Our Screens, Have “Huge Plans” For DC On TV

It’s obvious this studio feels much happier sending lesser known characters to the small screen – by “lesser known,” I mean, anybody who hasn’t already had a successful movie series.

Constantine Creators To Receive No Payment For TV Option – Monday Trending Topics

Steve Bissette states: As of this morning, it appears there will be NO payment to the Constantine creators for this series. This option apparently rolled out of the already-paid-for option for the CONSTANTINE movie in the 1990s. Thus, we’ll only …

Creators Of Constantine To Receive No Payment For The TV Option

Steve Bissette, co-creator of the John Constantine character, states that;” As of this morning, it appears there will be NO payment to the Constantine creators for this series. This option apparently rolled out of the already-paid-for option for the CONSTANTINE …

Constantine Series In Development For NBC TV From David S. Goyer And Daniel Cerone

Here’s a bit of a surprise… DC’s Constantine is in development for NBC TV by David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone. The character’s recent move from Vertigo to the New 52 may make a lot more sense from DC/WB’s perspective …

Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics – Buffy, East Of West, Killjoys, Peter Panzerfaust, Spawn, Demon Knights, Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Batgirl, Wolverine & The X-Men, World’s Finest, Constantine, Fantastic Four And Justice League Of America

Another week, another lot of lovely comics to look through. So what’s been taking my eye? In Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Nine today, Willow gets a mystical lesson in the facts of life. I’m not sure exactly what the …