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The CONSTANTINE Comic Con Preview Trailer

Another new trailer spinning out of tonight’s WB/DC tv panel… another look at Constantine:

Experiencing a demon problem? Call John Constantine At 404-248-7182.

Fun little Constantine viral from NBC.  But I wonder what the Alec Holland reference means…

Constantine Producers Get Their Girl And Tease More DC Characters

We’ve got two things going on today around the DC based NBC series Constantine. First, the series starring Matt Ryan (Criminal Minds) was already looking for a replacement for Lucy Griffiths and had announced they would introduce a character from …

TV Guide Reveals Covers To Comic Con Special Magazines

TV Guide is once again teaming with Warner Bros. Television to put out a special edition of the magazine featuring image from WB shows: Arrow, The Flash, The Following, Gotham, Constantine, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Plus there is one in …

Changes For Constantine Already – Goodbye Liv, Hello Zed

Whether you’ve seen the leaked version of the Constantine pilot or not, the news that a series regular is already being written out is a little disturbing. If you have seen the pilot you know how important she appeared to …

The Biggest Change To Constantine Isn’t The Smoking – Also, More DC Comics Easter Eggs (UPDATE)

Some people will look to the lack of smoking as the Big Change To John Constantine in the new TV series from NBC. But that’s not the one for me. Anyway, he’s still got a lighter. In the pilot episode, …

Now Constantine TV Show Pilots Leaks On Torrent Sites, As Well As Flash

“Make them nice and tight love.” “Believe it or not, I came here voluntarily. My name is John Constantine. And I’m an exorcist. In my line of work there are days you just need to forget. But some you never …

TV’s John Constantine Doesn’t Smoke

Smoking isn’t just an incidental character trait of John Constantine in his DC comics incarnation. Without spoiling anything for young readers – really, anybody can be 23 years behind publication if we’re being fair, and I’m still angry about the …

New Trailer For NBC’s Constantine Series

We see Matt Ryan playing mentor and protector to Lucy Griffiths, who has just started to see the supernatural around her.

NBC Decide To Hold Back Constantine And Premiere It After Their Other Fall Shows Have Bedded In

Looking at NBC’s new autumn schedule, the key point of note is that Constantine won’t be getting on air until October 24th, the same night that Grimm will come back. There’s no reason given, and pretty much everything else is …

Selling The Geek – A Look At 2014/2015 Trailers From ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW

By Ray Flook We live in “The TRUE Golden Age of Television.” (Giving everyone a second to relax and put their knives away before I explain…) Let me start with a confession: when I use the word “television,” I’m using …

A Clip From The Pilot Episode Of Constantine

We might argue about the accent, and the hair, and even the costume but I think Constantine has at least a fighting chance of coming off nicely.

Bring Back Keanu As Constantine! The Campaign Begins…

It is universally acknowledged truth that Keanu Reeves shouldn’t have been John Constantine. But is it? Some people, in light of the new NBC trailer, have other views….

Can You Crack The Code? Here’s A Rune From TV’s Constantine

Perhaps fans of the comics or BC’s resident archeological experts can shine some light?

NBC Picks Up Constantine To Series; First Still Image Released

Looks good from here. This should show up on NBC’s fall schedule.

Thirty-Eight Thoughts About Thirty-Eight Comics – Doop, Captain Marvel, Kick Ass, Iron Fist, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, Deadpool, East Of West, Manifest Destiny, Invincible, Great Pacific, Shutter, Savage Dragon, Peter Panzerfaust, Batman Eternal, Batgirl, Justice League 3000, Superman/Wonder Woman, Constantine, The Royals, Lumberjanes, Deceivers, Creepy, Flash Gordon, Magnus, Shotgun Wedding, Sons Of Anarchy, Next Testament, Regular Show, Returning, Samurai Jack, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Powerpuff Girls, Judge Dredd, Indestructible, GI Joe, My Little Pony And The Maxx

From the opening issue of the new Batman weekly, Batman Eternal. Say, is it just me or is one of the bad guys here giving quite a good impression of Spider Jerusalem? While Gotham again establishes itself as a place …

Oh Look, Constantine Just Found The Twirl Effect On Photoshop

The new issue of Constantine is published today. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.

Now An Official Image of Matt Ryan As John Constantine In His New NBC Show

Here’s how David S. Goyer, Daniel Cerone, Neil Marshall and their team have visualised John Constantine for his new TV show.