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This Really Seems To Be Star Wars: Episode VII Concept Art And It Seems To Feature The Millennium Falcon

It might just be pareidolia but I think I can also see some guy with a bald pink head.

First Official Image Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Get a good look at The Guardians.

James Gunn Repackages Some Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Designs As A Group Shot

Cutting and pasting elements of previously seen concept art, here’s a group shot of The Guardians of the Galaxy, courtesy of director James Gunn’s Instagram.

More Concept Art From Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur And A New Image From Disney’s Frozen

Ahead of D23, here are teaser images for two upcoming animated films from the Disney and Pixar empire.

First Look At Mr. Go, Korea’s Baseball Playing CG Gorilla

Mr. Go himself has been created with CG and the help of motion capture. He looks pretty good to me. I hope his film is up to snuff too.

Pacific Rim Concept Art – What Am I Actually Looking At Here?

One of these two newly revealed Pacific Rim concept drawings is pretty plain, but the other?

Pixar’s Cancelled Film, Newt – Lots Of Beautiful, Newly Released Concept Art

Splendid apparitions in Pixar’s graveyard.

First Concept Art, Poster And Soundtrack Snippet From Snowpiercer, Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller

The director of The Host has adapted the Transperceneige series of comics.

Pixar’s 2014, 2015 And 2016 Films – First-Look Concept Art Revealed

A good dinosaur, the inner workings of the mind and the Mexican day of the dead.

Turtles XTREME! Kevin Eastman’s Concept Art For Unmade 4th Turtle Movie

Including a fifth turtle, dark dimension nipples and cybernetic dystopia.

New Robocop Featurette – Designs And Concepts For The Remake – UPDATED With Working Video

The filmmakers show off some of their Robocop prep work and designs.

New Monsters University Characters And More Looks At Young Mike And Sully – UPDATED: Too Late

Monster monster.

Jurassic Park 4 Concept Art For The Scrapped Dino-Superior Version

The Dinoasaurs with Guns dinosaurs, without guns.

First Look At Character Art For Disney’s Frozen

Finally! Disney start giving us the good stuff on their version of The Snow Queen.

Iron Man 3 Merchandise Designs Show Off Tony’s New Get Up

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool This should seem a little familiar to most around these here parts. We have known what at least one of Tony Stark’s new suits looked like thanks to Marvel waving it in fans faces …

Gareth Evans Reveals Concept Art For ‘Hammer Girl’, New Character For The Raid Sequel

It’s always a good sign when someone in the film industry begins a tweet with the words “Fuck it”. [blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/ghuwevans/status/234976219962175488"] This is Alicia AKA ‘Hammer Girl’, the first new character reveal for the second installment in Gareth Evans’ martial …

Weekend Viewing: Video Tour Of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Display

The visual development of Disney’s video game movie.

Concept Art For Neuromancer, Comfirmation Of The Wahlberg And Neeson Offers

What Case and Armitage might look like.