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Harmontown Invades New York

Rich Epstein writes for Bleeding Cool: Harmontown invaded NYCC today, as Dan Harmon, Spencer Crittenden and director Neil Berkley were in town to promote the release of Harmontown: the Movie. For those that don’t know, Dan Harmon, the creator of …

Trying To Explain Dan Harmon In New Trailer For Harmontown

What type of person gets fired from a TV show he created? That seems to be the question that the new film Harmontown is trying to answer. This clip shows Dan Harmon from the time he was fired off the …

Community Season Six Gets Teaser Trailer From Yahoo!

Fans of the once cancelled series Community are looking forward to the series return and Yahoo! Screen has released a teaser trailer for the sixth and possible final season. The trailer takes viewers through the previous five seasons and parodies …

SDCC 2014: In Case You Forgot, Yahoo Saved Community

by Abigale Raney If you summed up TV Guide’s Community panel in one quote, it would be taken from the opening video, which featured clips from all five previous seasons (though noticeably light on season four) and then a flatline …

Community Renewed For A Sixth Season To Air On Yahoo’s Web Video Service

Negotiations went down to the wire but Sony have now made a deal for a thirteen episode, sixth season of Community with Yahoo Screen, the web video streaming service. As of tomorrow the cast would have been free of their …

Hulu In Talks To Pick Up New Season Of Community

The trade cautions talks are in the very preliminary stages and there’s no guarantee this will end up happening, but “there is will on both sides.”

Community Cancelled – Five Seasons And No Movie [UPDATE]

Of course, there are already people crying out for a Netflix revival or a Kickstarter campaign. Right now, neither seems likely, but we’ll see. Far stranger things have happened.

A Justin Lin-Directed Community Movie Could Be In The Works

Six seasons and a movie indeed.

Shannon Eric Denton Worked On The Upcoming GI Joe Episode Of NBC’s Community

He’s drawn Supreme and Deadpool comcs, he’s edited at Wildstorm, and he’s also worked on cartoons from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius to X-Men, Spider-Man and Silver Surfer. And now he has a new thing. A very special episode of Community… …

Community Is Doing An Animated G. I. Jeff Episode

Here is their announcement, along with what G.I. Jeff (Codename: Wingman) will look like.

Tony Lee To Write a Not-Inspector Spacetime Comic

From the Inspector Spacetime panel at Gallifrey One convention, planning an unofficial fan film based on the character seen in the fake Doctor Who-alike show from Community. And Tony Lee spoke (around the 35 minute mark) Before IDW lost the …

A Short Animated Prequel To Community Season 5

Jeff is back to being a lawyer, lonely and hating life, but the Dean soon arrives to dean him some Christmas cheer.

Newest, Longest, Darkest Trailer For Community Season 5

I’m still looking forward to it, but sometimes I look back at season 1 wistfully.

First Trailer for Community Season 5 Reveals How Jeff Returns to Greendale

Well, we knew they had to get Joel McHale back into the fold somehow.

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan To Make Acting Debut On Community

What do you do after delivering one of the best shows that’s ever aired on TV? Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan is giving acting a shot, setting a guest star role on this season’s Community.

Dan Harmon-Powered Community Returns On January 2nd

I’m curious as to what sort of audiences the new season can gather. Will any of the fuss over Harmon’s departure and return lead to an audience boost?

Casting Roundup: Reese Witherspoon, Nathan Fillion, Ewan McGregor And More Get New Gigs

Sorry to have to drag your attention away from those amazing American Hustle posters, but here’s some casting news that also happened today.

Donald Glover’s Deal For Community Season Five Cuts Troy Time Down To A Minimum

It seems like Donald Glover is more interested in his Childish Gambino alias than going back to Greendale for another full season.