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Preview Joss Whedon’s Predictably Witty And Informative Commentary For Much Ado About Nothing

His commentaries are always interesting and hypnotic at once. I almost wish he recorded tracks like this for films that aren’t his own.

A Ten Minute Trailer Breakdown Of Oblivion By Director, Joseph Kosinski

Even film directors are getting in on the game now.

Download Rian Johnson’s “In Cinema” Commentary Track For Looper

A reason to loop Looper, as if we needed one.

Ande Parks Commentary On Lone Ranger #6

Ande Parks, writer of Lone Ranger #6 writes for Bleeding Cool; Page One This issue deals with the aftermath of defeating Marshal Dorsey. It also hits the final notes on the themes of our Hard Country arc: that the Old …

Now You Can Watch The Total Recall Trailer With A Director’s Commentary

Director Len Wiseman has recorded a pretty much scene-by-scene audio commentary for the Total Recall trailer. Curiously, he leaves a few blank patches even though there’s only two minutes and twenty five seconds to fill – but that may be …

Two More Trailers For Battleship – One From Japan, Another With Director’s Commentary

This new, international trailer for Battleship has surfaced and reveals, I suppose, how you sell a movie like this in Japan.* Rather as you would in America. The specifics were very different but the appeal was just the same. And …