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Stan Lee Explains What’s Happening In Some New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Footage, Including A Potentially Huge Spoiler

Why would they give this plot point away? Does it happen early in the film? Is there more to it than meets the eye?

Two New Clips From Robocop 2014 – Did He Just Shoot An Innocent Person?

So, now we know: Cyborgs dream of electric Sinatras.

Two Completely Wild And Surreal Clips From Vic And Bob’s New Sitcom, House Of Fools

Starting on BBC2 on Tuesday night is House of Fools, the first multi-camera, studio sitcom from Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, and their first sitcom at all if you don’t count the wonderful Catterick. Amongst the reveals in these two …

Six Quick Promo Clips For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Features A Bit Of Web-Slinging And Swinging

Mid-air Spider-Man shenanigans of a distinctly CG variety.

More Lego Movie Bits: Batman, Superman And Metal Beard Get Their Moments In The Spotlight

And this is how you make a Lego movie.

Trailer And Clips For This Friday’s Last Ever Episode Of The IT Crowd

This Friday night marks the end of The IT Crowd with one final special. Except, in may respects it doesn’t look special, it looks like IT Crowd business as usual, and I’m glad about it.

A Fair-Sized Preview Of Walking Dead Season 4 With Clips And Talking Heads

Not the Re-Animator kind of talking heads, though there almost might have been.

A Couple Of Cracking SHIELD Clips, First Word Of Episode 2′s Plot And Characters

Some little Agents of SHIELD pieces: clips, info on the second episode, and scheduling confirmation.

Three Nice And Early Clips From Ridley Scott’s The Counselor – “In Bed With Penelope Cruz” Update

Yes, it looks like a film about men with interesting hair warning, threatening or telling Michael Fassbender what to think. Still, I’d watch that.

Snow Monsters And Ice Queens – New Footage From Disney’s Frozen

Not just a snowman and an elk this time.

Four Clips From Pacific Rim – Rocket Punches And Kaiju Brains

I hope there’s still time to get lots of this new material out there and show audiences this isn’t just a giant-robots-fighting picture.

A Few Despicable Me 2 Videos Including A New Animated Title Card And Evil Minions Animation

Illumination Entertainment don’t have the vocal fanbase of Pixar, or even Dreamworks, but they’ve certainly got a lot of good animators on the books.

Four More Clips From New Arrested Development

There’s been some hypemongering talk of a possible fifth series or feature-length special, also funded by Netflix. I’d have paid it more heed if it didn’t seem perfectly timed to get headlines for the show just before the relaunch.

Watch The First Four Scenes Of Vegas Heist Magic Movie, Now You See Me

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Isla Fisher have some tricks to show you.

Three Clips From Only God Forgives – Refn And Gosling Get Brutal

You would probably consider these not safe for work.

Video: The Extended Opening Tracking Shot From The Place Beyond The Pines With Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling cranks up the moodiness as he gets ready for a night of death-defying work.

Some Brilliant Clips From Kevin Eldon’s New Sketch Show, It’s Kevin

A new sketch show from Hot Fuzz and Four Lions’ Ben… er… Kevin Eldon

Two Clips From The Croods – Giant Food And Gnashing Babies

I haven’t so keenly anticipated a Dreamworks animation… ever, actually.