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The First Clip From Star Wars: Rebels Makes Action Into Character

It’s the first Disney-commissioned Star Wars story, and I dare say it will meet a lot of scrutiny for just that reason.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Clip-Trailer Hybrid

Star Lord segues from Indiana Jones to Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies.

Exclusive Clip From Joel Kinnaman’s Nordic Noir, Easy Money 2

Ain’t these crime thrillers so full of surprises?

Watch: Spidey’s Big Entrance From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The first scene in Sony’s new Spider-sequel is a flashback to the Richard and Mary Parker storyline, but once that’s done, the screen is filled with a big, bright red logo. And then… If Marc Webb really wants to have …

Clip: Spider-Man Chases The Rhino And It’s All A Bit Spider-Man 3

This comes from the top of the movie, in those four minutes of screening that we’re told Paul Giamatti will be getting.

I’m Loving This New Clip From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Plus a second, bonus clip that’s not quite as engaging – at least not out of context.

Constantine Hatches An Evil Plan – New Clip From Muppets Most Wanted

Kermit has an evil doppelganger in the new Muppets film, the explosives-loving master criminal, Constantine. Here he is pitching a plan to his number two, Dominic Badguy.

Four Minute Promo From Captain America: The Winter Soldier Starts With A Meaty Clip

If you’ve been avoiding the more recent trailers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you might be even further inclined to skip a clip. If it’s of any use, though, I can tell you that this snippet comes from the top of the movie.

Watch: The First Couple Of Minutes Of The Veronica Mars Movie Will Get You Up To Speed

Here’s a kind of title sequence, of sorts, from the Veronica Mars movie.

Here’s The “Gay Way” Song From The New Version Of Anchorman 2

Currently in cinemas across the US and UK is a new edit of Anchorman 2, replacing many of the jokes and inserting new material that was, previously, just cluttering up the cutting room floor.

The Muppets Fall In With Dominic Badguy – A Clip From Muppets Most Wanted

There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to watch any clips from Muppets Most Wanted until I can sit down and see the whole film again. There’s another part of me that just clicked play already.

Drop Everything – A Big Song And Dance Number From Muppets Most Wanted Is Online

Good, isn’t it?

This Clip From The Japanese Remake Of Unforgiven, Yurusarezaru Mono, Demonstrates Why This Film Suits The Big Screen

The Old West doesn’t have a monopoly on breathtaking vistas that punch right to the heart of the thing.

Scares By Night Vision – New Devil’s Due Clip Showcases Some… Well, It Ain’t Normal Activity, I’ll Tell You That

From the makers of Mountain Devil Prank Fails Horribly which is also included here, in full.

Samuel Jackson Introduces Plenty Of Footage From His Violent Anime Adaptation, Kite

Kite was to be directed by Snakes on a Plane director David R. Ellis who, sadly, passed away this time last year. Ralph Ziman took over in his stead, with Samuel L. Jackson and India Eisley staying on in the …

Watch: The First 15 Minutes Of Ron Moore’s New SyFy Series, Helix

SyFy are feeling confident that if you give this one fifteen minutes, it will have you hooked.

Watch: A BBC News Report From Inside The World Of Sherlock

The line between fiction and fact is a skipping rope and the makers of Sherlock are Buffalo Girls.

Even More Footage From Jerry Lewis’ Holocaust Clown Movie, The Day The Clown Cried

I think people find it very hard to believe this film exists.