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Film Schooling – Insider Insights On Indie Filmmaking Part 5: Pre-Production And The Director

By Chris Hood (This is Part Five of an ongoing series to help educate aspiring filmmaker on the process of making their first film. Previous articles in this series can be found at BleedingCool.com and MovieIndustry.com) So now you’ve used …

The Top Five Batman Villains Of All Time?

By Brandon Engel One of the most memorable things about any Batman franchise ever created, are the villains. Some are quasi-anthropomorphic. Some are permanently disfigured. All of them favor spandex. In light of the recent announcement that the series from …

Want to Know How I Got These Scars? Victor Hugo and the Early Origins of the Joker

By Ryan Michael At first I found it difficult to decide how to open this article. The title may offer a hint, but really, how do you talk about a character that’s crept around countless forms of literature for almost …

First Teaser Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

Christopher Nolan’s dimension-hopping sci-fi film has a remarkably grounded teaser trailer.

Justin Bieber Teases Internet With Robin Role, And Batman Vs Superman Script Based On Dark Knight Returns…

Oh Justin Bieber, what a tease. Up for Robin, a Superman/Batman script called Batman Vs Superman, and based on the The Dark Knight Falls chapter of The Dark Knight Returns, where Batman fights Superman, crediting Frank Miller and Klaus Janson… …

Now Is The Time To Buy The Dark Knight Trilogy On Blu-ray

A deal on all three Christopher Nolan Batman films on Blu-ray.

Interstellar Spy Report Reveals Surprising New Details Of Christopher Nolan’s Next

The latest Interstellar spy report comes from Iceland and it might reveal the most unexpected details of the film so far.

Official Plot Blurb And Cast Details For Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi Film Interstellar

The folks over at Paramount have announced that principal photography on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has begun in Canada.

Report: WB Is About To Announce Superman And Batman Film Involving Snyder And Nolan UPDATE: And Then Flash And Justice League?

Stay tuned as this may just be part of the news.

Christopher Nolan And James Bond – Friday Trending Topics

This one caused quite a stir yesterday: Seeing as Sam Mendes has quite conclusively rebuffed their offers to return for more, it seems that James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have approached Chris Nolan with an offer to …

Welcome To… Gotham High

Watch it. Just watch it. You’ll thank me. Or hit me. One of the two.

The World At Noonan – Too Much Nolan In My Diet

At the New York Comic Con, I happened to find myself at one of the DC Comics panels. And I couldn;t help but hear a most entertaining conversation behind me, before the panel began. Turning round, I met Lucy Noonan. …

There Is No Extended Cut Of Dark Knight Rises

And nobody is planning one.

Scenes Revealing Bane’s Origins Were Cut From The Dark Knight Rises

It’s possible that this information might have been revealed at a later date, perhaps as an incentive to buy The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray with all the extra features thrown in, but an interview with costume designer Lindy Hemming …

Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid Of A Bomb

Thanks to Daniel Heard… And the original;

Saturday Runaround – Finding Happiness

BatWatch: Christopher Nolan has issued a statement regarding the Denver shooting; “Speaking on behalf of the cast and crew of The Dark Knight Rises, I would like to express our profound sorrow at the senseless tragedy that has befallen the …

The Dark Knight Rises: The Bleeding Cool Review

One last trip into the Nolanverse for the Caped Crusader.Can Nolan equal the spectacular triumph of The Dark Knight? Michel Moran investigates…

The Dark Knight Rises Mini-Rushes – Images, Posters, Promos And More

We’re two weeks out from the return of Big Ears, and so the whirring of Warner Bros. publicity machines is getting to be deafening. Here’s a round-up of some Bat Shenanigans from the last day or so. Geoff Boucher has …