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Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Trailer, And Other Nice Things From Titan Comics

Hannah Means-Shannon liveblogged the NYCC Retailer Breakfast Meeting this morning. Where Titan Comics, as well as announcing a Ninth Doctor series, showed off the look of the new The Twelfth Doctor series, launching at the show. And as well as …

Titan Comics To Publish Doctor Who Comics Featuring Christopher Eccleston – The Ninth Doctor

Hannah Means-Shannon is currently liveblogging the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con. Which has just just announced in March, a fourth Doctor Who comic book series from Titan Comics, featuring the Ninth Doctor, with the likeness of Christopher Eccleston and also …

Doctor Who – The Companion Conundrum

By Dan Lloyd Since the revival of Doctor Who back in 2005, many incarnations of the last Time Lord have come and gone. The ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) was paired up with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Their relationship was one …

A Doctor Puppet Holiday Special

Ever wonder what Doctor Who would look like done like the old Rankin/Bass Production Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Well here’s your chance to find out in the Christmas special from Doctor Puppet.

Neil Gaiman Comments On The Doctor Who Numbering

Over on his tumblr account, Neil Gaiman was asked the following question by harryhadouken: Is the War Doctor now considered as the canonical Ninth Doctor? I’m not sure why Gaiman would be the one to ask this, yes he has written …

Your Unofficial Doctor Who Cheat Sheet

Are all your friends buzzing about this Saturday’s 50th Anniversary of the Doctor and you’re left scratching your head thinking “Doctor who”? Have you been watching since 2005 when Christopher Eccleston said “Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your …

Steven Moffat Says Doctor Can Only Have Twelve Regenerations But “There’s Something You’ve All Missed”

Time for some blind theorising about something made up that somebody has made up in private and which could, really, be just about anything.

Thor Character Posters – Jane Foster And Malekith Are Ready For Their Close-Ups

Now then. So it seems that Christopher Eccleston had to get slathered in Dark Elf makeup for at least some of his scenes in Thor: The Dark World and didn’t get off lightly with just a plain mask. These are …

Did Christopher Eccleston Agree To Be In The 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Then Pull Out? Nope!

To what extent is the Ninth Doctor involved in the 50th anniversary special?

Rumours! Is The Doctor Who Anniversary Special Called The Eleven Doctors? Will All Eleven Appear?

And when is Matt Smith going to regenerate? Rumours abound!

David Tennant Back For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary?

We’ve got a pretty solid source on this.

First Images Of Thor 2′s Dark Elves And, We Think, Malekith

The dark elves and their boss man get ready to do some damage to London.

Christopher Eccleston To Play Malekith The Accursed In Thor: The Dark World

No more Doctor Nice Guy! Filming on Thor: The Dark World begins in five days, with Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman all reprising their roles, so it’s time to throw a supervillain into the pot to warm …

The BBC’s New Borrowers – A Perfect Christmas Present?

A couple of weeks ago, Brendon told us about a new screen version of The Borrowers, a modernisation which would feature Stephen Fry. Fry had let slip that it would be filmed before he embarked for New Zealand and The …