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New Doctor Who Clips – Time Of The Doctor And A Sontaran Christmas

As well as releasing another, brief clip from this Wednesday’s Doctor Who special, the BBC have dropped one more of their Strax pieces.

The Time Of The Doctor Is… 7.30pm to 8.30pm On Christmas Day

Don’t pretend you didn’t want to know.

First Teaser For The Doctor Who Christmas Special

Holy moly. Didn’t get this at my cinema screening. I’ll miss Matt Smith, but I can’t wait to see what he does with this material.

Another Brief Clip From The Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowmen

Two of the good gals meet the bad guy.

Video: The Opening Scene Of Doctor Who’s Christmas Special, The Snowmen

Featuring a special guest. In part.

Doctor Who – More Monsters, More Mystery In Yet Another Trailer For The Snowmen

Almost all new footage in what is likely our last distinct trailer for the Christmas special.

New Trailer For Doctor Who Christmas Special Has A Couple Of Surprises

A new monster and a guest star revealed.

Clip: The Doctor And Clara Come Face To Face With The Snowmen

Victorian costumes are cool, but these villains are positively chillin’…s. Which rhymes.

This Doctor Who Mystery Is Right At Madame Vastra’s Fingertips

A clue! A clue!

Doctor Who Christmas Trailer – The Snowmen

Straight from Chidren In Need “The very first episode to feature Miss Jenna Louise Coleman” “Ahem. Second” “Oh yes, cos you were in the Dalek one weren’t you?” “Yep” “Playing a different character.” “Yep, totally different character” “You died” “Yep” …

First Look At This Week’s New Doctor Who Minisode

The Doctor’s dropped the tweed for a little while, and he’s looking rather grumpy.

Very Brief Trailer For The Christmas Doctor Who

Well, I’m certainly looking forward to this.

Doctor Who To Film In Corn Street, Bristol For Victorian Christmas Day Special, Next Week

Doctor Who loves a Christmas Day Special. It also loves a Victorian setting. Well, here we have a Victorian set Christmas Special. To be filmed next week in Bristol. Corn Street will be covered in snow in the evening until …

Doctor Who is Headed to the Old West for New Episode, More Details of Next Series

Last month, a comment on the Bleeding Cool forum seemed to be giving us good information on an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. It wasn’t possible to get an official confirmation or denial at the time, though the new issue …

New Images From The Christmas Doctor Who Edge Towards The Spoilery

I’m not sure what all of these new images mean because I’m just like the rest of the plebs and have to wait until Christmas for my insta-traditional, seasonal Doctor Who special. Still, they do start to look rather spoilery …

Three Clips From The Doctor Who Christmas Special

A cumulative two minutes and fifteen seconds worth of The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe in which you can preview some of the juicy bits. I know it sounds counterproductive when I put it like that, but I lapped …

Bill Bailey In Narnia! New Trailer Arrives For The Doctor Who Christmas Special

In the war-torn Britain during the Blitz, the Doctor and a ginger version of the kid from Stuart Little find a magical snow-covered forest inside a wardrobe in an old house. Oh alright, so maybe it’s a cardboard box and …

More Promo Pics From Doctor Who’s Christmassy, Narnia-Infused Special

Instead of the lamp post of Narnia, there’s a kind of lighthouse. Instead of, I dunno, the beavers, there’s a bunch of folk in what amounts to really convincing Halo cosplay. Instead of a Wardrobe, there’s another big blue box …