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The First Trailer For The Equalizer With Denzel Washington

I find it hard to resist one of Denzel Washington’s hard-ass acts.

Chloe Moretz Wanted For Lead Role In Sci-Fi Picture 5th Wave‏

Next up, casting the “mysterious but super hot guy.”

Casting Roundup: Chloe Moretz, Christoph Waltz, Chris Pine And More

Chloe Moretz lands on her next film, some new Horrible Bosses are sought, Fargo casts some more in today’s roundup. • Chloe Moretz has lined up her next project, a teen-driven murder mystery called November Criminals to be directed by …

Emily The Strange Movie Still Coming, Chloe Moretz Still Attached, New Writer Appointed

The least surprising thing about this new Emily the Strange story is the breaking news part.

Carrie Remake Featurette With Some New Footage, Often Spoilery For Those Who Don’t Know The Story

It’d be a truly remarkable feat for the Carrie do-over to replace Brian De Palma’s film as the definitive screen version of this story but I think Kimberly Peirce might be making something strong in its own right.

Kick-Ass 2 — The Bleeding Cool Review

A Summer full of superheroes, eh? Wait until you get a load of this…

Kick-Ass 2 Got An Uncredited Rewrite To Fix Up Hit Girl, Make Her Less “Male Centred”

During one of her Kick-Ass 2 promotional interviews, Chloe Grace Moretz has talked a little about an uncredited rewrite for the film that focused specifically on her character.

New Carrie Poster Might Seem Like A Spoiler To Some

It could be worse. Like that time I told my friends not to look at the box of the Planet of the Apes DVD when they were about to watch it for the first time. “Don’t look,” I said because “they just went ahead and put the stat…”

Full Trailer For The Carrie Remake – All The Way To Prom And Beyond

I know that Carrie is a well known story from a best-selling novel, previously adapted into a widely seen film, but this trailer certainly cuts a long way into the story.

A Few Seconds Of Telekinesis From The New Carrie Trailer

The whole trailer will be online tomorrow, but here’s a little bit of Carrie magic in the meantime.

Red Band Version Of The Second Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

With more swears – and in Kick-Ass terms, that means more smart-mouthing from Hit Girl.

Star Wars Report: Episode Seven Would Have Starred Chloe Moretz If Matthew Vaughn Had His Way

Hit Girl could have been handed a lightsaber. Ouch.

Kick-Ass 2 Movie Is “Hit Girl For 45 Minutes Then An Hour Of Kick-Ass 2″

Millar’s breakdown of the movie version reveals what bits go where.

First Carrie Teaser Is On An Epic Scale

Could also have been a teaser for Firestarter, give or take the blood.

Swipe File: New Carrie Poster And… Lots Of Other Posters

You will know her name… and a few other things too.

Kick-Ass 2 Round Up: “Muddy Funster”, Kissing And A Whole Lot Of Leather

Sexy leather time.

First Official Images From Carrie Go Straight For The Jugular

There are some rather memorable moments in Stephen King’s Carrie, maybe more so in Brian DePalma’s first film adaptation. It won’t be a surprise to you to know that some of these will, in one form or another, be reprised in …

Video: Chloe Moretz And Company Filming A Swimming Pool Scene For The Carrie Do-Over

This appears to be professionally shot B-roll from the set of Kimberly Peirce‘s new Carrie remake, showing Chloe Moretz in character, during a take. You’ll also see Gabriella Wilde as the new Sue Snell, and some of the other cast …