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AMC To Add Humans To Its List Of Programs

AMC is going to pick up where Xbox Entertainment Studios left off. The network has closed a deal to co-produce/distribute a sci-fi drama called Humans. The deal with Kudos and Channel 4 is for an eight-episode series based on a …

Trailer For Utopia: Season Two

It all started with a comic book… but it went way, way beyond that. Utopia is playwright Dennis Kelly‘s paranoid conspiracy thriller and, after a first series that became a bona fide cult artefact, series two is very keenly anticipated. …

Agents Of SHIELD Back On UK TV From March 14th

The idea is that the remaining episodes will now run uninterrupted, one a week until they catch up with the US and match them all the way to the finale.

First Trailer For Babylon, The New Police Show From Danny Boyle And The Writers Of Peep Show

Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong are just the people I want to see writing a police drama set in London, not least because of their sterling work on Chris Morris’ Four Lions. For Babylon, they’ve teamed up with Danny Boyle.

Agents Of SHIELD To Return To UK Screens In March, Exact Date TBC

Channel 4 have made it official, announcing that Agents of SHIELD will return to UK screens in March. When in March? They can’t confirm just yet. SHIELD will be returning to Channel 4 most likely in March (exact date tbc). …

Agents Of SHIELD Returns In The US This Week… But Not The UK

Tonight, the Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC with a key episode and viewers will finally find out how Coulson came back from the dead (or not).

Edward Snowden’s Address To The British Public On Channel 4

Edward Snowden addressed the British public earlier today on Channel 4 as part of their Alternative Christmas Message, and recorded in Russia earlier in the year. It’s the first time he’s spoken on television since the balloon went up. Addressing …

Edward Snowden To Deliver Alternative Christmas Message On Channel 4 Tomorrow

The Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day is a long standing British tradition, in which the reigning monarch addresses their subjects, first by radio and now by television as well. Not quite as long standing, but still pretty traditional now is …

Promos For Next Week’s IT Crowd Night On Channel 4

Including Kevin Eldon’s evaluation of his own… um… acting choices and Graham Linehan’s tour of the set.

Trailer For The Great Art Robbery, Derren Brown’s Latest Grand-Scale Stunt

I’ve been looking forward to Derren Brown’s new TV show since it was first announced. This trailer will explain the premise quite succinctly.

Extended Trailer And Episode Blurbs For The Final Season Of Misfits

These will be the final eight episodes and take place some twelve months after the storm that got everything going in the first place. Could its effects about to expire?

First Trailer For The Final Series Of Misfits

An extremely cut down version of this just premiered at the end of Agents of SHIELD.

My “Coulson Lives” Theory On The Evidence Of Just One Episode Of Agents Of SHIELD

Just before the first commercial break in tonight’s Channel 4 broadcast of Agents of SHIELD, there was a little scene with Ron Glass…

Trailer And Clips For This Friday’s Last Ever Episode Of The IT Crowd

This Friday night marks the end of The IT Crowd with one final special. Except, in may respects it doesn’t look special, it looks like IT Crowd business as usual, and I’m glad about it.

Revise For The One Tiny Bit Of Agents Of SHIELD’s Pilot To Require Prior Knowledge From The Marvel Movieverse

Ahead of the premiere of Agents of SHIELD, happening this Tuesday evening in the US, this Friday in the UK, I thought I better get the totally unprepared up to speed.

A Couple Of Cracking SHIELD Clips, First Word Of Episode 2′s Plot And Characters

Some little Agents of SHIELD pieces: clips, info on the second episode, and scheduling confirmation.

New Agents Of SHIELD Segment From… A Daytime Cookery Show? Fair Enough

Also: the UK screening date has been set and it’s just a few days after the US. Brilliant.

Danny Boyle Teaming Up With Peep Show’s Writers For New Comedy Drama TV Series About Cops

Scripted and devised by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, the creators of Peep Show and Fresh Meat and screenwriters on the superb Four Lions.