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First Look At Mr. Go, Korea’s Baseball Playing CG Gorilla

Mr. Go himself has been created with CG and the help of motion capture. He looks pretty good to me. I hope his film is up to snuff too.

X-Men Days Of Future Past May Get An All-CG Character – But Who?

Is there a mutant that needs to be created all in CG?

Evil Dead Director Promises His Remake Doesn’t Have A Single Drop Of CG In It

So says a director who owes his career to a very heavily CG short film. How odd.

New Trailer For Metegol, Or Foosball, The CG Table-Top Soccer Adventure Film

This looks rather exciting. And it’s certainly an odd follow up from the director of The Secret of Their Eyes.

Weekend Viewing: CG Chase Film, Ruin

Apocalyptic action-short Ruin has been online since yesterday, and already I’ve had a half dozen people ask me if I’ve seen it. I have, and it would seem, from all of the interest, that it’s well worth sharing. Here it …

There Might Well Be A CG Yoda On The Phantom Menace Blu-Ray, But He Isn’t New

The internet continues telling George Lucas he’s wrong to try and make his personal works of art the way he wants them, and that he has no right to hold back products that he doesn’t wish to sell. It’s like …