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Erik’s Weekly Watch – Why You Should Be Watching Scorpion, The Most Terrible TV Show Of Fall 2014

By Erik Grove Another week has come and gone and that means it’s time for another installment of Erik’s Weekly Watch! This week I’m going to award the worst television show of the year and I’m going to tell you …

Scorpion And NCIS: Los Angeles Crossover A Few Weeks Before Planned

We know that in the upcoming Halloween episode of Scorpion, Linda Hunt will be bringing NCIS: Los Angeles character Henrietta “Hetty” Lange to deal with Walter O’Brien’s (Elyes Gabel) crew. But an inadvertent crossover happened last night. At 9:30 PM …

What’s On Tonight – Gotham, The Black List And More

It’s a busy TV night as a lot of the new and returning shows make their debut. Here is a little reminder of what is on so you have time to set your DVRs. This won’t be a regular column, …

Craig Ferguson May Not Be Leaving Talk Shows, Just Late Night

According to reports, the exiting host of CBS’s The Late Late Show may not be going too far. Craig Ferguson is in talks to do a syndicated talk show for the Tribune stations that will not only be very similar …

James Corden Named Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show Successor

At the end of the year, when Craig Ferguson unplugs Geoff Peterson, sets the pantomime horse free and says what we learned on his last show… he will pass the torch of 12:30 AM on CBS to comedian/writer James Corden. …

Big Bang Theory Stars Rake In The Big Cash

The filming of season eight of CBS’s comedy hit The Big Bang Theory should get underway soon as TVline is reporting that stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco inked new $90 million deals. That takes them from the …

Shaking Things Up On Elementary

There may be a bit of spoilers here, so if you want to go into the new season of Elementary clean, then don’t read this. I’m going to tell you of a potential dynamic shift in the series… so you’ve …

Big Bang Theory Stars Could Make $1 Million An Episode

Recently when CBS and Warner Bros. TV inked a 3 year pick-up deal of over $4 million per episode, it was cast contingent. The problem is that the show starts filming it’s 8th season on July 30th and at the …

Stephen Colbert Tapped To Replace David Letterman

When last week David Letterman announced his pending retirement from CBS’s The Late Show, speculation ran rampant on possible replacements but I can honestly say I didn’t see this one coming… CBS has announced just minutes ago that Stephen Colbert …

First Teaser For Super-Hot Halle Berry Sci-Fi Show, Extant

Mickey Fisher’s script for Extant’s pilot become a real hot commodity, sparking a genuine bidding war amongst the US TV networks. In the end, CBS stumped up for a 13 episode order and work got underway at Amblin TV.

Ron Burgundy Tops The Local News In North Dakota

In what may be the boldest viral marketing move yet, Will Ferrell took to the airwaves as his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy… and anchored the news. Ferrell sat in on local CBS affiliate KXNews of Bismark, North Dakota and did stories …

JJ Abrams And CBS Make Not Entirely Contradictory Statements On Your Chances Of Seeing A Star Trek TV Series

Yet more chat about the possibility, however slight, of Star Trek coming back to the small screen.

Charles Soule’s Letter 44 In Talks To Be A Network TV Series

You know I like Letter 44, the new Oni Press book by Charles Soule and Alberto Alburquerque. I talked about it here quite a lot.

Bob Orci Says He’s Had A Meeting With CBS About Bringing Star Trek Back To TV

There is definitely a vocal fanbase that believes Star Trek should be on our TV screens again, whether or not that’s in parallel to or instead of the ongoing movie series.

One Minute Trailer For Under The Dome

This is the longest preview we’ve had so far, though some of the footage is familiar.

New Trailer For Stephen King’s Under The Dome, TV Style

Check out Brian K. Vaughan and Stephen King’s riff on that classic Simpsons movie plot line.

Under The Dome Set Video – Cows Chopped In Half, Planes Up In Flames

Yep, they do half-cows on network TV now, you know. I guess Damien Hurst took the curse off it.

Under The Dome To Premiere June 24th, Will Have Superbowl Ads

Like The Simpsons Movie but live action-ier.