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Valiant Effort: Like This? You’ll Like That – X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong Edition

By Jared Cornelius In the summer of 2012 Valiant Comics returned from the grave, they rose not as shambling zombie, but as a glorious phoenix, but I didn’t know that.  At the time I had turned my nose up at X-O Manowar and Bloodshot, I scoffed at the idea that the …

Will Attack On Titan Be The New Walking Dead? Many Stores Not Yet Prepared…

Two facts are relevant here. In its first week on sale in Japan, the thirteenth volume of Hajime Isayama’s Attack On Titan manga, sold 1.4 million copies, including 270,000 for the deluxe limited edition version, from a print run of 2 3/4 …

Live(ish) From The Games Shop – Trials Fusion, Final Fantasy XIV, Conception 2, Finn & Jakes Epic Quest

By Jared Cornelius Welcome back to Live(ish) From The Games Shop, It’s another week of video games for a real niche audience.  I’m not going to lie to you, this might be the toughest week if you want a new …

Bruce Timm’s Batman: Strange Days Now On-Line

Here it is, Bruce Timm’s tribute to Batman for the 75th Anniversary. Batman: Strange Days premiered last night on Cartoon Network but now you can see it here.

Tuesday Morning Runaround – The Size Of Jack Kirby’s Life

LE KIRBY KRACKLE A giant Jack Kirby visual biography is being published in France, a 384 page hardcover vovering his life and work from 1917 to 1965, by Jean Depelley. A second volume covering 1966 to 1994 will be issued …

SEGA Gives Sonic the Hedgehog a Much Needed Boom

 By Gareth Spriggs After almost 23 years, SEGA have decided to give its blue mascot a western retool. On February 6th, SEGA officially announced its new spin-off in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Sonic Boom. The reboot, which consists of …

Adventure Time Exclusive: Jeremy Shada, The Voice Of Finn, Takes Us Behind The Scenes

Digging into Adventure Time from all sorts of angles.

Monica’s Gang To Become Monica And Friends In The USA

Monica’s Gang is one of the most successful comics around, and certainly America’s best selling comic. It just happens to mostly sell in South America. Brazil to be specific, around 400,000 an issue, though a recent “kiss” cover issue saw …

Dennis Barger Addresses The Comic Industry On Readers, Powerpuff Girls And Being The Villain

Dennis Barger, Co-Owner of Wonderworld Comics, Taylor, MI, writes, Let me start this letter out with a cliché…children are the future of this industry. If you do not subscribe to this philosophy, then you might as well stop reading right …

First Trailer For The New – And New-Look – Powerpuff Girls Special

Craig McCracken, the creator of the Powerpuffs, isn’t involved but Cartoon Network are dabbling in bringing back Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup with a new special on January 20th.

Stan Lee Gets In Touch With His Chakra For New Film On Cartoon Network India

Chakra The Invincible was a comic created with Stan Lee that debuted on Free Comic Book Day last May. A teenage boy from Mumai, who can tap into Hindu bodily energy through a suit that activates mystical wheels and generates …

Beware The Batman Pulled From Cartoon Network?

In what seems like DC Nation déjà vu, new episodes of Beware the Batman have been pulled from Cartoon Network next weekend (repeats too). — NICK AND MORE (@nickandmore) October 20, 2013   Oh dear. Here we go again…

Headline: Batman Vs. Superman Cartoon “Too Dark”, Story: Batman Vs. Superman Cartoon Was “Light”

Mitch Watson explains the Batman shows that never were.

DC Nation’s Shade The Changing Man Short Toon

They don’t call him the Changing Man for nothing.

Watch: Three Full Episodes Of DC Nation’s Funky Wonder Woman Shorts

The best of DC Nation allows experimentation with both style and content. See a little of both in these short Wonder Woman toons.

Watch: All Of Lauren Faust’s Super Best Friends Forever And Other DC Nation Shorts

Including stop motion by Aardman, some Japanese-style pseudo-anime, The Farm League and plenty more.

Star Wars Animation Shake-Up – Clone Wars Off TV, Detours Off The Planner, New Series Promised

All sounds like “Up yours, Cartoon Network” to me.

DC Nation Gets A Shakeup In New Cartoon Network Schedules – Young Justice And Green Lantern Nixed

Lots of good shows returning and new specials for Lego Yoda and Adventure Time’s Fionna & Cake.