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Carrie Fisher Wants To “Get Princess Leia Right” In Star Wars: Episode VII

Naturally, her appearance in front of the crowd at the fest was short on actual story details about the new movie.

The Official Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Announced – UPDATED

We knew something was coming tonight. Earlier, Brendon said: There has been some in-the-shadows talk that we’ll not necessarily have to wait that long But even still, it seemed like something would be saved for May 4th. It won’t be the thing …

Carrie Fisher’s Dog Is In The UK. Therefore, Of Course, Princess Leia Has A Big Role In Episode VII. Perhaps

Harrison Ford’s over here in the UK too, by the way. Hamill… I don’t know.

Has Chiwetel Ejiofor Really Been Cast In Star Wars Episode VII? Or Does The Evidence Point Elsewhere?

There might not have been any fewer official announcements about this film than other, similarly sized pictures but there’s certainly a lot more fans getting vocal about their impatience.

Weekend Viewing: George Lucas Interview From The Lucasfilm Vault

George Lucas discusses casting Carrie Fisher.

Return Of The Jedi Cast Reunite For Star Wars Celebration Europe

It’s been thirty years since Return of the Jedi was released and what better place to celebrate this than at Star Wars Celebration Europe.

George Lucas Had “Signed” Hamill, Fisher And Ford For New Star Wars Before Disney Became Involved

It seems that Lucasfilm’s plans for a new Star Wars trilogy were actually rather advanced before the Disney deal took place. Rumours did start as far back as 2009, and those original stories are looking more and more on the money day by day.

Mark Hamill Explains Where Lucasfilm’s Plans To Reunite The Original Star Wars Cast Are At Right Now

It’s really no longer any kind of a secret that plans for Star Wars Episode VII will see Luke, Leia and Han returning, at least for a little bit.

Star Wars Episode 7: Hamill, Fisher, And Ford – Saturday Trending Topics

Getting the band back together for Star Wars Episode 7: I’m fully confident that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will all appear, to some greater or less extent, in Star Wars Episode 7. Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Dan …

Expect Hamill, Fisher And Ford In Star Wars Episode VII – But As Parents? The Kids Are The Stars?

“Their children will be the new main characters… the bigger question is, which young actors will play their kids?”

Carrie Fisher Says She Wants To Do New Star Wars – Wouldn’t You?

Hassled in the street, Ms. Fisher nonetheless answers Star Wars questions.

George Lucas Met With Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher About New Star Wars This Summer

“Gee, it’s good to be together again, I just can’t imagine that you’ve ever been gone!”

Alan Moore, Lois Lane And Princess Leia Covered In Sperm

At the recent Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People service, Alan Moore gave an address, dressed in a T-shirt modelled on the Superman logo, rewritten as “Sperm”. It’s a Rick Veitch design, and is on sale here. Of course, …