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It Wouldn’t Be Difficult For Warner Bros. To Actually Promise No Jokes In Its Superhero Universe

By Nas Hoosen I’ve seen this rumor doing the rounds online lately and while I don’t have the means to validate it, and I’d likely take most negative reporting about WB/DC’s plans for its superheroes with a pinch of salt, …

Comics And Cosplay Reviews Captain America: Winter Soldier, Part 2 (Spoiler Version!)

By Ian Mageto In this episode Bleeding Cool’s Senior Cosplay Correspondent and Comics and Cosplay host Ian Mageto reviews Marvel Studio’s latest film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Warning: this video covers numerous spoiler from the movie about the plot …

Comics And Cosplay Reviews Captain America: Winter Soldier Plus Costumes (No Spoilers!)

In this episode, host Ian Mageto, our Senior Cosplay Correspondent and Bleeding Cosplay columnist reviews Marvel Studio’s latest film Captain America: The Winter Solider. However, don’t worry about the movie being ruined for you as it is completely spoiler free. …

Bleeding Cosplay – From Arkham Origins To Winter Soldier

Each week Bleeding Cosplay Senior Cosplay Correspondent Ian Mageto features individuals who not only love cosplay, but also bleed it. If you would like to have your work featured please send a high resolution image to crazycozplay@gmail.com  as well as any social media …

To See Captain America Last Night In New York You Had To Leave A Little Of Your Dignity Behind (No Spoilers)

This isn’t a review of the early screening of Captain America: Winter Soldier that I saw last night in New York City. Hopefully I’ll put together some thoughts on that which will be rather spoilery at a later juncture. I …

Comics And Cosplay Happy Hour – Captain America: Winter Soldier, Agents Of SHIELD, And More

By Ian Mageto   Senior Cosplay Correspondent Ian Mageto is back with a new show format for us here at Bleeding Cool. He says: This week we premier our new show “The Comics and Cosplay Happy Hour”. My special guests …

Captain America 2 Concept Art: Frenemies Steve And Bucky At Blows, Falcon Flying By

It’s Captain America vs. The Winter Soldier.

Captain America Casting News And Winter Soldier Pictures

The return of the mysterious video conference council from The Avengers, and this time, they’re reporting to Alexander Pierce.

Peggy Carter Short Film Set To Premiere At Comic-Con?

Hayley Atwell made her standard comment on having to keep secrets, and how Marvel’s cone of silence is fiercely predicted, but then went on to spill big, saucy beans all over the place.

Marvel Release First Image From Captain America Sequel, Robert Redford’s Character Named

Steve Rogers in a half shell.

UFC Champion George St-Pierre To Play Batroc The Leaper In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

And Robert Redford is playing a man called Pierce.

Disney Update On Just About Everything – Muppets, Marvel, Pirates And More

Disney have an awful lot on their schedules.

Captain America 2′s Crossbones Confirmed – Frank Grillo Signs To Be A Villain

It’s a deal.