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Drop Everything – A Big Song And Dance Number From Muppets Most Wanted Is Online

Good, isn’t it?

The Muppets…. Again To Feature Classic Songs As Well As New

If I ever learn to play an instrument it will be a banjo.

Watch: Bret McKenzie Stars In Screwball Manslaughter Comedy, Two Little Boys

Close personal friend of Kermit the Frog and the Rivendell Elves, Bret McKenzie is probably best known in the US and UK for being half of Flight of the Conchords. As you might guess from the title, his new film …

Details Of The Muppet Soundtrack Revealed – Feist, Joanna Newsom, Covers Of Nirvana And Cee Lo Green

The second big Muppets album to be released this year, after The Green Album and its hip array of covered Muppet classics, will be the soundtrack to the movie. The track listing has been released, and there’s a bunch of …