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Disney Pixar Push Back The Good Dinosaur And Finding Dory – 2014 First Pixarless Year Since 2005

I’ll judge The Good Dinosaur when I see it. In the meantime, I’ll just keep looking forward to it. Only wish I didn’t need binoculars to do so.

Pixar’s 2014, 2015 And 2016 Films – First-Look Concept Art Revealed

A good dinosaur, the inner workings of the mind and the Mexican day of the dead.

John Lasseter Explains Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur And Pete Docter’s Inside-The-Mind Movie

Pixar’s Brave is just a few weeks away now and if you come back on Monday, you’ll be able to read our review. We’ve also got some interviews to come, discussions with many of the folk who made the film, …

What Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Will Actually Be About

Story details for Pixar’s 2014 picture, The Good Dinosaur, have been kept pretty tightly under wraps – just as you’d expect. Still, while directors Bob Peterson and Peter Sohn are being rather protective of the story’s plot points, they’re proving …

Pixar Announce New Film, Reveal Title For Another

While Pete Docter‘s upcoming Pixar movie about “a journey into the human mind and creative process” is being kept as mysterious as before – we have that basic premise and a June 19, 2015 release date and nothing else – …