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Live(ish) From The Games Shop – Diablo III, Witch And The Hundred Knight, Fez, Carmageddon Reincarnation

By Jared Cornelius Welcome back for another dose of new releases, it’s Live(ish) From The Games Shop.  I hope everyone’s been having a good time with the landslide of releases this month now that it’s finally nice enough to go …

Another Round? Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Beta Review

By Alex Hemsley This past January saw Blizzard’s digital Collectable Card Game (CCG) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft enter open beta, allowing access to anyone to test the game out. While the ‘beta’ title gives the impression that the game isn’t …

How To Get Work As A Fantasy Artist – Tom Braxa Gives Away His Secrets

I’m always curious about the books you see like “How To Sell Your Graphic Novel To Hollywood” or “How To Make Money As A Writer”. The reason I’m always curious… and skeptical… is usually the name of the author is …

Marvel Comics Villain Blizzard To Appear On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

the actor hired to play him is only sixteen years old. So, really, how much of a supervillain can he really be?

New Details, Concept Art For Duncan Jones’ Warcraft – “Game Of Thrones Meets Avatar”

The film scheduled to open opposite Star Wars Episode VII.

A List Of Other Actors Going Up For Warcraft Hints Just A Little At Duncan Jones’ Plans

A pretty vague, but intriguing image of the movie’s version of Khadgar is starting to form.

Warcraft Movie Casting Now – Colin Farrell And Paula Patton Up For Roles

While Paula Patton is said to be negotiating a contract to take a “lead role” in Duncan Jones‘ Warcraft movie, Deadline report that Colin Farrell is less likely to sign on, giving it 50/50 odds. You may recall that I …

Rumour: Johnny Depp Wanted For World Of Warcraft? Possibly?

The combination of Warcraft and Duncan Jones is going to set fire to a lot of fan imaginations. This isn’t the last rumour we’re going to hear, even if it’s the only half-credible one.

Duncan Jones Directing Warcraft Movie

Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones has experience in creating cut sequences for video games, and so it may seem a natural evolution for him to adapt a game into a movie.