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Harrison Ford Says He’s Been Speaking With Ridley Scott About The Blade Runner Sequel

Apologies for my paucity of blogging, I’m overseas with a broken internet situation and while this story is costing me a little cash money and a lot of sweat to post, it’s just too interesting to pass over.

New Blade Runner Film Set Some Years On, Gets Green Lantern Writer

The sequel gets Green Lantern’s Michael Green, but how much closer is it to a green light?

The Producers Of The New Blade Runner Called Sean Young In For A Meeting

And she thinks the audience will be disappointed if she’s not in it.

Ridley Scott Plans An “Amusing” Harrison Ford Appearance In The Blade Runner Sequel

Scott wants to amuse us with a little bit of “Harry.”

News Of Prometheus 2 And The Upcoming Blade Runner Spin-Off

Ridley Scott has been unveiling some more some sequences from Prometheus to the press, and talking even further about his plans for the film, for its follow up, and for the Blade Runner spin-off he’s working on. You can read …