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Did Stan Lee Let The Black Panther Out Of The Bag?

How involved is Stan Lee in the upcoming slate of Marvel movies? Well, if you take it down to the simplest level, he is a very busy older gentleman who does cameos in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. …

Feige Talks Black Panther And Captain Marvel Plus More Ant-Man Set Photos

Busy news day today so we’ll combine these two as well. First up Marvel Studios’ main man Kevin Feige had a recent interview with IGN where he was asked specifically about the characters of Black Panther and Captain Marvel. They’re …

Elevator Pitch – What Hero Do You Want To See On The Silver Screen? Black Panther!

By Gary Turner So last time was a REAL challenge. We covered Wonder Woman. She seems to be a character with a lot of passionate fans from many walks of life, much like this week’s featured iconic hero. I also …

Do Marvel Trademarks Indicate Rocket Raccoon, Alpha Flight, Black Panther, Ant Man And Strikeforce Morituri Digital Comics On The Way?

It’s always fun to follow an official trademark application. It can show the intent of a publisher, but also how much they care about the trademark being applied for. It costs money, so it’s often not done willy nilly, often …

Anatomy Lessons – Black Panther #28

Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: “The Trade of Kings” by Priest, Sal Velluto, and Bob Almond If there’s one prevailing theme weaved all throughout Priest’s acclaimed Black Panther run, it’s probably this—Black Panther is a big fucking deal…period. In …

Kevin Feige Confirms That Black Panther Is “Absolutely In Development”

And talks about the possibility of a Loki movie.

Kevin Feige On Marvel’s Plans To Return To China Again For Its Upcoming Movies

And more evidence of the upcoming Black Panther movie too, I think.

Anatomy Lessons- Black Panther #20

Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: “Retribution” by Priest, Sal Velluto, and Bob Almond This particular installment happens to be anchored by one of my favorite fight sequences ever in a comic—between Black Panther and the hilariously named Erik Killmonger …

Anatomy Lessons- Black Panther #1

Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: “The Client” by Christopher Priest, Mark Texeira, and Joe Quesada I’ll be honest with you—Black Panther didn’t click with me immediately. I initially read this first issue out of obligation to the Marvel Knights …

Vin Diesel Says That Marvel Originally Wanted Him For “A Fresh IP” Not Guardians Of The Galaxy

Also: what does this tell us about the start of Marvel’s Phase 3?

Another Look At Infinity – An Inhuman World To Come?

In New Avengers, the Illuminati have been struggling with the idea of destroying other Earths in order to save their own. In Infinity #1, it looks like they came to their decision. It is no longer an Avengers world. Maybe …

The Marvel One Shots We Didn’t Get… Yet, Including Black Panther And Young Nick Fury

I certainly hope Louis D’Esposito changes his mind about some of these because they sound pretty fun.

The Black Panther Story Thickens – Marvel Interested In Cape Town Shoot For Next Avengers

Why would Marvel go to Cape Town if they didn’t want to use it as Cape Town? And, if they want to go to South Africa, will that mean Black Panther will appear?

Marvel Studios Has Blade, Iron Fist And Ms. Marvel Movies Somewhere In The Pipeline

With Phase 2 in full gear now, the company is clearly looking to further expand its universe and bring in new characters.

Rumour: Marvel Are Considering Chad Boseman For The Role Of Black Panther

Is Chad Boseman the Black Panther that Marvel want most of all?

Morris Chestnut Says Black Panther May Be In Avengers 2

And he may be starring, depending on which way you look at it.

Black Panther Kicking Ass? Monday Trending Topics

Kick Ass 2 actor Morris Chestnut has deleted the Black Panther tweet that got the Marvel movie gossip mill churning yesterday… but is that to be seen as a confirmation of sorts or not…? Most-Read Comic Stories Monday: The Possible …

It’s Time For Morris Chestnut To Get Familiar With Marvel’s Black Panther

Marvel Studios have spent some effort an time recently trying to get a Black Panther script together.