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A Moriarty TV Show From Lee David Zlotoff, The Creator Of MacGyver, And Tony Lee?

Our Little Sherlockian Bleeder reports: Today was the first day of the Elementary convention by Starfury Conventions, in Birmingham. Tomorrow the big draw is Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock himself, but today they started with someone more used to attending their Doctor …

Video: Benedict Cumberbatch And The Sign Of Four On Sesame Street

He’s not really Sherlock, you know, he just plays him on television.

Gary Oldman’s Flying Horse Has Added Amanda Seyfried But Probably Won’t Be Happening Anytime Soon

It seems to have all the makings of a prestige project.

Sesame Street Becomes The Hub Of Cool As Benedict Cumberbatch Announced As Host

Well we all thought it was the home of cool at a young age, and maybe that never quite wore off, but if we needed any validation, Benedict Cumberbatch has been announced as an upcoming host on the show. Our …

How The Hell Are Americans Meant To Avoid The Sherlock Season 3 Episode 3 Spoiler?

Relatively early on in the third episode of the third series/season of Sherlock, The Final Vow, we discover something. Immediately it affects things we encountered in previous episodes, radically transforming the way we view them. Now, we’ve all seen it …

Watch: A BBC News Report From Inside The World Of Sherlock

The line between fiction and fact is a skipping rope and the makers of Sherlock are Buffalo Girls.

Sherlock Lives – Reality And Fan Fiction In The Empty Hearse

Tonight’s seventh episode, the first of the third series, took the self-awareness and meta-textuality to new extremes.

First Image Of Benedict Cumberbatch As Alan Turing In The Imitation Game

One day in January 1952, computer scientist, mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing reported a robbery in his home. Thanks to a couple of slip-ups in his statement, the police deduced that Turing was homosexual. At this time, Turing’s sexuality was …

Now Is The Time To Listen to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere Anywhere

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman has been a TV show, a novel, a comic, a radio play, a stage play, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been a puppet show in some form or other. It’s immensely popular for …

New Footage And Bits: Trailer For Sherlock Season 3 On DVD, A Week Before It Starts On TV

Looking beyond the imminent TV screening of Sherlock’s third series.

Watch New Sherlock Minisode Many Happy Returns Right Now

It’s not only Doctor Who that gets the prequel and prologue minisodes now.

How Sherlock Survived The Reichenbach Fall: Looking For The Final Missing Clue

The solution to Sherlock’s big stunt is about to be made very, very public.

Full Trailer For The Time Of The Doctor (And Bonus Sherlock Season 3 Trailer, While We’re Here)

It’s going to be very a Very Moffaty Christmas.

Sherlock Getting In On The Minisode Game With Many Happy Returns This Christmas

You can see the next full episode at 9pm on January 1st, but before then…

Sherlock Season 3 To Start On January 1st, Continue January 5th, End January 12th

We’ll get through the whole lot of season 3 in just 11 days and 90 minutes. Not quite the four and a half hours it would take if it was released straight to Netflix, mind you.

Full Trailer For Sherlock Season 3

When better to premiere a trailer for Sherlock season 3 than after Doctor Who 50th anniversary special? Well, how about when I just got in from the cinema where I was watching that special.

Rumour: Matt Smith Called In For Star Wars Episode VII

Right now this is just gossip but it comes from a fairly well-placed source. We’re hearing that Matt Smith went in for a role in Star Wars Episode VII. We don’t know if that means he had an audition, a …

Moody First Official Image Of Sherlock And John Watson From Their Upcoming Season 3

Tumblr is possibly nothing more than a pile of ashes right now as this image blurs its way around the tubes of the interweb at lightspeed.