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Two Sets Of Storyboards For Doctor Who: Into The Dalek

First, the Spike Milliganish storyboards from Doctor Who: Into The Dalek director Ben Wheatley. And in comparison, the more polished storyboards of James Iles.¬†Including how the Dalek antibodies were oruginally supposed to look and act….

Photos And Trailer For Into The Dalek – The Second Episode Of Doctor Who Season 8

We’ve got a few images and a trailer for the next episode of Doctor Who, Into The Dalek thanks to the Nerdist. This episode is written by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Wheatley. This also introduces …

Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise Adds Luke Evans And Elizabeth Moss

Filming begins in July in Ireland.

Sylvester McCoy Seems To Have Spoiled A Bit Of A Doctor Who Surprise

Everything that follows is unconfirmed, but the general information sits very well with well-sourced rumours that have been criss-crossing behind the scenes for months now.

Ben Wheatley’s Nex Film Is An Adaptation Of JG Ballard’s High-Rise Starring Tom Hiddleston

Sounds like a real trip and Wheatley will surely add his own twisted spin on things too.

Could The Doctor’s New Costume Be Pyjamas? Doesn’t Seem Likely, Does It, But… (UPDATED With Video)

Filming continues on the first pair of Doctor Who episodes of the Peter Capaldi era under director Ben Wheatley. Tonight, they’re shooting a sequence in which The Doctor hops on the back of a horse for some high-speed riding. Well, …

Official First Image Of Peter Capaldi Filming The New Series Of Doctor Who – UPDATE: Second Pic

From the filming of the first episodes in the run, also the first to shoot. The first was written by Steven Moffat and the second by Phil Ford, both are being directed by Ben Wheatley.

Doctor Who Round-Up – Ben Wheatley Directing, Vastra And Co. Returning, Poster For Cinema Screenings

Things are quite busy behind the scenes for me right now – you’ll all reap some of the rewards as we get closer to the release of¬†Thor 2, I promise- so some stories just aren’t making it to the Bleeding …

Ben Wheatley To Adapt JG Ballard’s “Block War” Novel, High Rise

The novel is about the moral decay of a society housed in an ultramodern high rise tower, something not too dissimilar to a less-fantastical Mega City tower block.

Ben Wheatley Gives His Take On Django In This Music Video For The Editors

The director of Kill List, Sightseers and A Field In England directs his first music video.

First Trailer For Psychadelic Civil War Movie, A Field In England

Film 4 and Warp have cooked up a pretty daring release plan for this film. As well as rolling into UK cinemas on July 5th, it’s also going to be made available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD and premiered on television, for free, on Film 4′s channel.

First Poster For A Field In England Suggests The Film Was Released Between 1970 And 1982

Is there an old rhyme that goes “Red moon by day, certificate AA”?

Ben Wheatley On The Visual Language Of Sighsteers And A Field In England

Let the director of Down Terrace, Kill List and Sightseers school you in his style.

When Bleeding Cool Met Sighsteers’ Alice Lowe And Steve Oram

Inside the mind and methods of the caravan spree killers.

First Image From Ben Wheatley’s Civil War ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Movie, A Field In England

From the director of Kill List and Sightseers.

Serial Killers And Giallo Lead The Pack At British Independent Film Awards

Ginger and Rosa gets a lot of love as well.

Kill List’s Ben Wheatley To Direct Movie Version Of Ideal

Best known internationally for Kill List, and before that Down Terrace, Ben Wheatley has also directed a lot of British TV. Several pieces of Time Trumpet came from him, all of The Wrong Door and many episodes, including the entire …

Ben Wheatley On The Particular Filmmaking Techniques Of Kill List, Freak Shift And I, Macrobane

When the UK’s bricks-and-mortar DVD and Blu-ray stores re-open their doors on Boxing Day morning (assuming, you know, that they’re still in business) I should imagine that one of the most popular ways for film geeks to spend their fresh …