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Images From Ridley Scott’s New Biblical Epic, Exodus, With Christian Bale And Sigourney Weaver

This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly will pack in a piece on Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, the film formerly known as Exodus until market research happened… The film stars Christian Bale as a rather aggressive looking Moses, at …

Chatting With Drew Pearce – On His Iron Man 3 Epilogue All Hail The King, His Doctor Who And Damage Control Obsessions

In which Pearce explains how All Hail The King relates to the vocal contingent of fans who didn’t like Iron Man 3′s big twist.

The Expendabelles Loss Is Night At The Museum 3′s Gain‏

A couple of the actors pursued for parts in Expendabelles have gone on and taken roles in Night at the Museum 3… instead? Well, maybe they’ll do both, somehow, but I’m not so sure.

First Clip From Marvel’s Mandarin Movie All Hail The King Has Arrived‏

I don’t know if I’m imagining the Natural Born Killers nods and I’d have to go back to Killers to check, really, but that title card is definitely retro-styled on purpose.

Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley And Mark Strong Have Made An Overblown Car Ad With Tom Hooper

Best case scenario, this campaign will have something amusing or insightful to say about the whole “British villain” cliche but I’m not holding my breath.

First Image And Details Of All Hail The King, The Iron Man 3 Spin-Off Marvel One Shot

Marvel Studios have unveiled the truth about the upcoming One Shot short film All Hail The King. As predicted, it’s an Iron Man 3 spin-off.

Rumoured Plans For The Mandarin At Marvel Seem To Undermine Iron Man 3

We’re go deep into real spoiler territory so make sure you’ve seen Iron Man 3 before reading this story.

Win! An Ender’s Game Poster Signed By Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Asa Butterfield And Hailee Steinfeld

I want this for myself, but I can’t have it. In order to mark the release Ender’s Game into UK cinemas, here’s a Brits-only competition. If you’d like to win an Ender’s Game poster signed by Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley …

Ben Kingsley Has Already Filmed Another Marvel Movie Project

Here’s a surprise and, by my measure, something of a pleasant one.

Casting Roundup: A Maleficent Swithcheroo, Plus Brie Larson, Blake Lively And More

Brie Larson lands a big role (yay!), Blake Lively’s back (yay?) and Javert is Cosette’s father (I knew it) in today’s roundup… • Brie Larson is so happening and I could not be happier. After killing it and breaking out …

Ben Kingsley, Harrison Ford And The Kids – Word From The Ender’s Game Red Carpet

Last night, I pushed Becky Lewis onto the frontline at the Ender’s Game red carpet. Armed with questions we’d prepared together, she was ready to snare the talent.

Casting Roundup: Ridley Scott’s Exodus, Daily Dose Of Hunger Games Day Players And More

A Breaking Bad star is in talks for a big movie but this is not the Bryan Cranston-Lex Luthor news you were looking for.

Sure, It’s Funny, But They Probably Shouldn’t Have Released This Iron Man 3 Deleted Scene To The Web

This clip is massively spoilery from the very first second.

Five Ender’s Game Posters That They Won’t Be Using

While there might yet be a character poster campaign for the film, it won’t be this one.

The Ender’s Game Trailer – This Promo Wants You To Know Its Pedigree

I can already imagine a fan war between this and the Hunger Games. It is going to be brutal. In a fan war way.

First Footage From The Ender’s Game Movie

Including our first look at a battle room battle and an introduction from Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield.

The Mandarin Has Something To Say – Second Clip From Iron Man 3

Note the inclusion of Miguel Ferrer, one of my all-time favourite men in suits.

And Now The Mandarin Character Poster For Iron Man 3

Stop staring at me.