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Now Is The Time To Buy The 14-Blu-ray Gatchaman Set

All 105 of the original episodes of Gatchaman, or Battle of the Planets or even G Force to the US and my fellow Brits, are available in a single Blu-ray box.

Now Is The Time To Stock Up On Joss Whedon DVDs And Blu-Rays

I have a Joss Whedon addiction issue, I guess.

Now Is The Time To Buy Some Criterion Collection Bargains

Criterion discs can cost a little bit, but when they go on sale like this, they’re hard to resist.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Complete Smallville On DVD

62 discs and some “Collector’s Edition” bits and pieces.

Nobody Told Me About This – Veronica Mars Has Been Released On DVD In The UK

I fell in love with this super-funny, Whedon-pleasing mystery show back when it was screening on US TV.

Now Is The Time To Buy Some Classics On Blu-Ray

I think I can fairly call all of the following films classics. Everybody else does.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Complete Series Of Seinfeld On DVD

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David always said their show was about nothing but I think, really, that they knew it was actually about everything.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Raid On Blu-Ray

We’re just a month and a bit away from the release of The Raid 2. That already makes it time to order The Raid and get that in your eyeholes, but it’s also very, very cheap right now.

Now Is The Time To Buy DC Supervillains Documentary, Necessary Evil

Including a trailer for the film.

There’s Finally A Good Blu-Ray Of The Original Robocop And It’s As Cheap As Chips

I’m loving the transfer on the new, remastered Robocop Blu-ray, especially when compared to what we had before.

Right Now, You Can Get Every Single James Bond Film On Blu-Ray For Under $100

There was always a slot in the Bond 50 collection’s packaging for Skyfall, so this was pretty much inevitable.

My Pick Of Amazon’s Black Friday DVD And Blu-Ray Deals

I’ve just gone crazy on Amazon, ordering any number of things from their Black Friday DVD and Blu-ray deals. Here are the titles I went for, and some of the good deals that I already had from before.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Complete Star Trek: The Original Series On Blu-Ray

These episodes never looked this good on broadcast, and I found some scenes to be absolutely jaw-dropping.

Star Trek Into Darkness Going Cheap Right Now

Pretty hefty discount – so I’ve just stuck it in my cart.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection

The first six Star Trek films are collected in a pretty polished Blu-ray collection, alongside a bonus disc featuring The Captain’s Summit, a slightly misnamed hour’s worth of roundtable discussion.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Rocky Movies Blu-Ray Box-Set, If You Can Play American Discs

Even if you don’t like all six films, and I imagine that accounts for more or less anybody who’s seen more than two of them, It’s still a good price for the ones you might like and the supplements included.

If You Still Don’t Have Firefly On Blu-Ray, Now Might Well Be The Time

I did have cause to say, just the other day and about another TV show I can’t name right now but I’m sure you can guess, “That’s the most fun I’ve had with a pilot since Firefly.”

Now Is The Time To Buy Complete Entourage Series Sets On Blu-Ray Or DVD

Plus a bonus tease about the upcoming Entourage movie.