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I Agree With David Goyer – There’s No Rule That Says Superman Can’t Be A Killer

(And while we’re here, Goyer doesn’t deny that he’s writing a Justice League movie)

Video: BAFTA’s Tribute To Doctor Who In The Year Of Its 50th Anniversary

Yes, Bleeding Cool has looked a little bit like a Doctor Who fansite today. If you’ve clicked on this story, I expect you don’t mind, but I’m sorry, anyway.

What It Sounds Like To Me When Simon Pegg Says JJ Abrams Will Direct Star Trek 3

Simon Pegg has expressed confidence that JJ Abrams will return to direct the third “new” Star Trek film. But why?

Elizabeth Olsen – “Godzilla’s Actually Going To Be A Very Heavy Drama”

On her way into the awards ceremony last night, Olsen was stopped on the red carpet by BAFTA’s official “gossip miner.”

The 2013 BAFTA Film Awards – All Of The Winners For The Year Plus Red Carpet Report

The 2013 BAFTAs are going to be broadcast with a great delay by the BBC tonight. We’re going to circumvent the waiting. Awards now underway and being updated live.

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Star Wars, BAFTA, Wreck-It Ralph, Hitchcock, I Give It A Year, Ruby Sparks And More

Jason Staveley and Brendon Connelly talk about movies. Finally. Includes a run down of the Superbowl trailers.

Picking Over The BAFTA Nominations

I slept through the BAFTA announcement this morning. Take that as you will.

Elizabeth Olson And Andrea Riseborough Are On The Shortlist For BAFTA’s EE Rising Star Award

Hot young things.

Tarantino Tells BAFTA He’d Like To Make A 30′s Set Gangster Film – UPDATE

And another Western.

Pedro Almodovar Plans For A Sci-Fi Project, Images From His New Comedy

Body Snatchers get domestic and screwball goes eight miles high.

VIDEO: Matt Smith And Benedict Cumberbatch Present Steven Moffat With BAFTA’s Special Award

Doctor Who and Sherlock meet their maker on the stage at BAFTA.

Bleeding Cool Are At The BAFTA Videogame Awards Tonight And Hannah Is Reporting Live

Taking place tonight at 9pm GMT are the BAFTA Videogame awards, and Hannah is already in situ, ready to report live. She’s apparently got the access we were promised for the film awards, so things should go well. Keep an …

Watch Miss Piggy’s Red Carpet Coverage From The BAFTA Film Awards With Jon Hamm, Jessica Chastain, Michael Fassbender And More

Gary Oldman. Daniel Radcliffe. Tom Hiddleston. Jonah Hill. Octavia Spencer.Adam Deacon. Lucky people.

Live Coverage Of The BAFTA Film Awards – Hours Ahead Of The BBC – UPDATED

If you’re going to watch the BAFTA film awards on BBC1 later, or even BBC America, you may want to avoid this post. Hannah Shaw-Williams is there, at the awards, and while she’s not well at all, she’s refusing to …

Bleeding Cool Is Covering The BAFTAs Live Today

SECOND UPDATE: Hannah is back from the brink and has commenced tweeting… She’ll pick up steam as the show begins, any minute now… UPDATE: Hannah has fallen very ill on the red carpet. Tweet her your well wishes. I’ve told …

Twitter Berates BAFTA For Stupid Olivia Colman Snub, And Rightly So

I intended to file this story after my previous BAFTA post, but the day got away with me. Still, while I’ve been detained, things have only stepped up a gear. Missing conspicuously from this year’s BAFTA nominations was Olivia Colman, …

Reading The BAFTA Nominations – The Drive Surprise And Tinker Tailor Split

At 7.40am GMT this morning, the nominations for the 2012 BAFTA Film Awards were announced by Daniel Radcliffe and Holiday Grainger. High five to Holiday Grainger’s agent for that one. I published the longlist of contenders a couple of weeks …

Biases And Weirdnesses: The BAFTA Longlist For 2012

If your name’s not on the list, then you’re not going to win. BAFTA have published their full longlist of films eligible for consideration in the 2012 awards. You can read the whole thing as a PDF, but here are …