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Final, Movie-Style Trailer For Bad Robot’s Almost Human‏

Karl Urban. There’s your reason for tuning into this.

Billy Burke And Tracy Spiridakos Tell A Lie And Some Interesting Truths About Revolution

is Revolution about astronauts landing on the moon? Of course not.

Full Trailer For The Pseudo-Mysterious Bad Robot Book Project, S

I cracked the mystery box open with a simple bit of actually looking at things when the first trailer hit, and now the second promo for S. admits just what it is: a book.

JJ Abrams And Jonathan Nolan Make Deal With HBO For New Westworld TV Series

About a Wild West theme park “land” where the robotic attractions become self aware and dangerous.

The Bad Robot Mystery Trailer Is For S., A New Novel Devised By JJ Abrams, Written By Doug Dorst

Nothing to do with Star Wars, Lost or Voltron. Sorry.

JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Release A New Trailer, But They’re Not Saying What It’s Actually For

I think they’re doing it wrong.

Script For JJ Abrams And Alfonso Cuaron’s TV Project, Believe, Published Online – UPDATED: Gone

Thanks to the internets, you can now read the script for the pilot episode of Believe, a new Bad Robot series that NBC will be taking to series this Autumn. The whole thing lives in the window below. This script …

First Trailer For Almost Human – Bad Robot’s New Sci-Fi Drama With Karl Urban

A buddy cop story in which both buddies are part human, part machine – just to different degrees.

Change Of Plan – Stephen King’s 11/22/63 Headed To TV With Bad Robot

The last time we discussed Stephen King’s time travel story 11/22/63 is when Jonathan Demme was planning to adapt it into a feature film. Well… that isn’t happening.

JJ Abrams And Valve Teaming Up For New Games Plus Movies Of Old Games

What’s the bigger deal? Abrams getting into games, or Abrams turning games into movies?

JJ Abrams Puts Ron Howard To Work On Life Rewind Fantasy, All I’ve Got

A remake of a ten year old Israeli TV movie. Good thing it sounds fascinating.

New Trailer For Fringe’s Final Season

Trailer for Fringe’s final season, complete with a scary vision of the future.

Characters Not In The Next Star Trek Movie, According To Writer Bob Orci

As part of a headline farming exercise, Aint It Cool News’ Hercules pestered Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci for some news on the Ask Mr. KERN radio show last weekend. He did quite well. One headline he could have opted …

Wunderkind Has Interesting Concept, JJ Abrams And… Some Sort Of Budget

The second new project for Paramount and JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot of the day is Wunderkind, an action thriller about Nazi hunters in the 1970s. According to Variety, Patrick Aison‘s much sought-after spec script: follows a young Nazi hunter with …

Fringe To Get Fifth And Final Season Of Thirteen Episodes

A deal has been closed for Fringe to get thirteen final episodes to round out its story and wrap up nicely. Well, in theory at least. Bad Robot television had a much longer to prepare for the ending of Lost …

New Trailer For JJ Abrams’ Alcatraz

Alcatraz is the next TV hopeful from the Bad Robot folk. Here’s a trailer that’s started doing the rounds. So, what do you reckon? Interdimensional portals? Time travel? Ghosts? All of the above? This video from Comic-Con features the show’s …

Bad Robot Cooking Up A New Take On Pulp Fiction

Next week, JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot will be out to the TV networks pitching Pulp. According to Michael Ausiello, the show has more than those four little letters in common with Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction: An hour-long crime drama set …