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Swipe File: Madman And Standard

On top The Standard issue 5… With a slightly familiar exclamation mark? Nevertheless, The Standard does have it’s own superhero, Super Dude and a look at how Augmented Reality is bringing him to life.

Previously On Avengers Vs X-Men… The New Marvel AR Preview Video

Take the cover of tomorrow’s Avengers Vs X-Men #4… and it triggers a new motion comic summing up the story so far. And jiggling Hope around quite a bit.  

Now The French Do Augmented Reality Comics Better As Well

We’ve all seen and enjoyed the Augmented Reality that Marvel has been introducing into its comics of late. But that’s nothing, as usual, compared to what the French get up to with their comics. Here’s an example using the graphic …

(VIDEO) Nova By Mark Waid And Stuart Immonen And Augmented Reality Comics Announced At SXSW

Point your screen at the Iron Man comic. And on the screen, Iron Man will burst out in 3D. Announced at SXSW, its one of those augmented reality things that I best remember for putting an Iron Man mask on …