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Current Plans For Arrested Development Have The Movie Coming Next, Another Series Afterwards

By “movie” we don’t necessarily mean something theatrical. Indeed, I’ll be very surprised if we’re not just talking about a 90-minute something on Netflix.

Mitch Hurwitz Says That Arrested Development Will “Definitely” Be Back

Creator Mitch Hurwitz has just confirmed at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal that Arrested Development will definitely be back. Could it be returning as a movie?

Netflix Making Deals For Second Series Of Arrested Development

Where will this leave the movie? We’ve had it pitched to us that this recent Netflix series was “act one” and a film would wrap up acts two and three.

Four More Clips From New Arrested Development

There’s been some hypemongering talk of a possible fifth series or feature-length special, also funded by Netflix. I’d have paid it more heed if it didn’t seem perfectly timed to get headlines for the show just before the relaunch.

Tobias Fünke Asks Ron Howard To Insert Him Anywhere – Arrested Development Gets Interactive – UPDATED

This is a sizzle reel for Tobias Fünke’s new enterprise, a little filmmaking idea that he’s pitched to Ron Howard specifically. It’s like having a mango in your mouth.

Arrested Development’s New Netflix Episodes Get A Trailer

This thing is chock full of gags but doesn’t even come close to giving away big plot details.

Arrested Development Character Posters And Magazine Covers

What the stars, and I suppose post-TV stars, of Arrested Development look like these days. Very much like the way they used to look, in fact.

Nine Posters For The New Arrested Development Give Everybody A Prop

These new Arrested Development posters distill the Bluths and Funkys down to a single prop each.

Arrested Development Set To Run For Only One Season On Netflix, Plans For Movie Still Live

Four seasons and a movie or bust.

Arrested Development To Feature Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen And Flashback Fun

Due to the criss-crossing structure of Netflix’s new Arrested Development episodes, a quickly-shot cameo appearance could see a guest star popping up in any number of the chapters.

If Neck Braces And Meditation Are Key Plot Points This New Arrested Development Image Is Full Of Spoilers

Another image from the upcoming, Netflix-only fourth season of Arrested Development

Two More Images From New Arrested Development

More Bluth futures, including a Workaholics cameo.

Arrested Development Surprises Pop Up Amongst New Netflix Streaming Details

Netflix are doing it right.

New Arrested Development – Monday Trending Topics

Something tells me that Arrested Development is going to be a success for Netflix: The Fox Fast press abd publicity website was listing the episode titles for the upcoming Netflix resurrection of Arrested Development but they’ve now taken them down. I’ve still got them here, …

New Arrested Development Set For May 4th, Episode Titles Revealed – For What It’s Worth – UPDATED

Despite Mitch Hurtwitz’s previous comments, there seems to be a specific, preferred order to these episodes.

New Arrested Development May Run To 15 Episodes – Production To Start Again In January

Arrested Development’s development is anything but.

First Official Image From New Arrested Development Seems To Come From Another Show Entirely

The kids would call this a “meta” moment.

Right Now Really Is The Time To Buy Arrested Development On DVD

Cheap as chips.