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New Clip And Featurette For The Equalizer

We’ve got a new clip and featurette for the new Denzel Washington film The Equalizer. The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua and also stars Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz, David Harbour, Bill Pullman and Melissa Leo. It hits theaters September 26th.

Denzel Washington And Antoine Fuqua In Talks For Magnificent Seven Remake

Tt’s “early talks” for both director and star, but I kinda assume the two wanting to work together is a major motivating factor here so it’s probably a good sign that they’re both in talks.

Antoine Fuqua Choosing Between Narco Sub, Magnificent Seven Remake And Equalizer Sequel

Which one will he choose?

Sony Already Moving Forward On Sequel To Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer

Screenings for the film have been testing “through the roof,” with one screening in December earning the highest scores for an R-rated movie in Sony’s history.

Antoine Fuqua To Direct Jesse Owens Biopic For Disney

Owens’ story is certainly one that seems ripe for the big screen biopic treatment (and Oscar season).

First Look At Denzel Washington As The Equalizer, Nonchalant With A Gun‏

I guess that’s a threatening confidence. In theory.

Olympus Has Fallen — The Bleeding Cool Review

We get to say “Yippee-ky-yay POTUS” twice this year. Michael Moran reports on the first of two planned destructions of the White House.

Olympus Has Fallen Trailer – Gerard Butler Dies Hard In The White House

But is that President Aaron Eckhart or President Morgan Freeman?

Schwarzenegger Considering A Pair Of Crime And Punishment Thrillers

It’s not just that nightmarish The Governator thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger has in the pipeline – and he should be very thankful about that. He’s currently weighing up offers to star in a pair of big-screen dramas, one of them focused …