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IDW Gets Angry Birded In June, Plus Star Trek, Transformers, My Little Pony, GI Joe And More

Here are your IDW solicitations for June 2014… and we start with Angry Birds, as well as all the Angry Birds subscription covers that are being dropped onto other IDW books this month… Angry Birds Comics #1—SPOTLIGHT Jeff Parker (w) …

Angry Birds Transformers – Toys Coming, Can A Game Be Far Behind?

The Idle Hands Blog has come up with a copy of the Hasbro line-up for this years Toy Fair. But if you scroll down past the My Little Pony Flip And Whirl Rainbow Dash Pony, down below the Nerf N-Strike Mega Tunderbow… even …

IDW To Publish Angry Birds Comics

In June, IDW will be publishing Angry Birds comics, based on the games and, also, toy lines, animated series and upcoming film. The world of Angry Birds has already expanded beyond its initial gameplay, with popular characters such as Red, …

Angry Birds Movie Set For Summer 2016

And Rovio Entertainment are now a “Studio”.

First Gameplay Footage From Star Wars Angry Birds Has A Good AT-AT Bit

Two corporate megafranchises combine, the better to take our monies.

Saturday Trending Topics: Angry X-Wings

Angry Birds invaded BC today, courtesy of a pair of Star Wars / Birds toy licensing mashups. The X-Wing catapults are a nice touch…

Does The Star Wars Angry Birds AT AT Game Promise A New App For Monday?

So much Angry Birds, so much Star Wars. I almost want to do the Chicken Dance in a Chewbacca suit.

The Angry Birds Star Wars Plush Toys – Hen Solo, Princess Layer And Coot Skywalker?

Y’know, for kids. And Rich.

First Look: Angry Birds Star Wars Death Star Jenga

Round Jenga? Okay. Let’s see how this works, then.

Here Comes Star Wars Angry Birds. But Where Is Darth Oinker?

Complete with animated gif. We’re so with it.

Angry Parks And Recreation Birds

See, this is what I get up to if no one stops me. I’m not sure if I could do the set… Jerry for the heavy bird, Tom for the tiny one, Tammy for the Queen Pig… but playing Angry …

Angry Birds The Motion Comics: Part Two

Yes it’s a fan film. But it’s an ever so entertaining a fan film. And with Pocket God selling millions more copies of its comic than, say, SDC has sold Justice League #1, is such an official product so far …

Time To Play Angry Captain Americas

Pull back your shield throwing arm. Then take aim against Hydra soldiers. Not Nazis remember, they want to be able to play this game in Germany. Not pigs either, there is copyright as suit here. Clik on Wield The Shield …

Marvel Studios’ David Maisel Advising On The Angry Birds Movie

I don’t own an iPhone. The sad news is that there are lots of puns and jokes that I could make in this article, but can’t because I’ve never played the game on everyone’s thumbs, Angry Birds. Apparently it’s something …