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Weekend Viewing: When Rand Paul Stole His Speech Not Just From Gattaca, But The Wikipedia Page About Gattaca

Politicians are increasingly good at, or at least increasingly keen to, leverage pop culture reference points when speaking to us. Sometimes they do it to seem cool, sometimes they do it to seem relevant, and sometimes they might do it …

Third Trailer For Alien Possession Picture, The Host

The Host isn’t quite The Hidden. If it cements Saoirse Ronan as a star, though, that’ll be a very good thing.

Has The Surprise Cameo In Andrew Niccol’s The Host Been Spoiled?

Hip, hot young actress turns up, everybody in audience wakes up.

Saoirse Ronan Has An Alien Inside Her In This First Trailer For The Host

Alien action adventure chase romantic drama with Saoirse Ronan. Sounds like a hit.

Screening Report: Gattaca’s Andrew Niccol Brings A Few Minutes Of Alien Invasion Film The Host To Hall H

William Hurt’s character alone looks like a fun reason to see the film.

Aliens In Their Eyes – First Teaser For The Host

In The Host, human bodies are infiltrated by alien parasites. As a result, we all become squeaky clean and placid. It’s an invasion of The Body Snatchers idea. And as you can see in this first teaser, it all plays …

Time Is Money In New International Trailer For In Time

Forthcoming action sci-fi In Time was written and directed by the guy who wrote The Truman Show, it stars Cillian Murphy in a villain role and it’s set in a future where time quite literally equals money, so the rich …

Comic-Con Trailer For Andrew Niccol’s In Time

I described this to you earlier. Now you can watch it for yourself and complain about my lapses of memory.

Live From The In Time Panel – Footage Discussed

We have just seen an extended trailer for In Time, Andrew Niccol’s sci-fi chase thriller with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. The most notable things about the scenes shown is how non-futuristic the production design feels. Everything looks pretty much …

In Time Images – Andrew Niccol Spends A While With Amanda Seyfried And Justin Timberlake

Two official images from In Time, formerly Now, formerly I’m.Mortal, have been released and they each show Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake running. Each picture features the same “scaredy running face” acting, though Seyfried is louder in one, Timberlake is …

Cillian Murphy Getting Anal With Seyfried And Timberlake, And More I’m.Mortal Details

Andrew Niccol’s sci-fi parable I’m.Mortal is gearing up for its oncoming shoot with a bout of talent recruitment. Amanda Seyfried was the first to join the cast, as Sylvia, an heiress who can afford to stay forever young. Next up, …

Amanda Seyfried + Director of Gattaca = 25

Here’s a series of pretty posters in the making: all of the characters in Andrew Niccol’s Im.mortal are going to be, at least outwardly, no more than 25 years old. Why? Because there’s a sci-fi conceit at the centre of …