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Massive Godzilla Trailer Breakdown Has Some Spoilery But Also Intriguing Revelations

How many monsters are in this thing? What is its relation to Gojira (1954)? And… Rodan!?

A Ten Minute Trailer Breakdown Of Oblivion By Director, Joseph Kosinski

Even film directors are getting in on the game now.

A Close Look At The New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Looking up close at some details in the latest Amazing Spider-Man trailer.

Dark Shadows Close-Up: What We Can Tell From The First Few Seconds Of Footage?

Just a few seconds of footage from Tim Burton’s┬áDark Shadows have made their way to the web. In the spirit of slightly scary obsessiveness (that’s the spirit I’m going to leave behind to haunt you all when I’m dead and …

A Really Very Close Look At The New Avengers Trailer

Complete with at least one high quality grab from every shot, let’s take a good look at the new Avengers trailer and see if we can’t work out what’s going on, and what it has to do with we’ve heard about the film so far.

A Very Close Look At The Trailer For Prometheus – Some Things You May Have Missed

The trailer for Prometheus had been a long time coming, and well teased too, but it’s been with us for a few days now. And having had the chance to live with it a little, I’m still as absolutely fascinated …