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AMC Reveals The Story Behind The Breaking Bad Spin-Off, Better Call Saul

On Friday, AMC revealed some of the basic plot behind the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul. The new show will have Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks reprising their roles as Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut. New characters in the …

Teaser Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 5

With The Walking Dead schedule to return with Season 5 this October, AMC has decided its already time to start teasing us. Here we see Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith in a whole heap of trouble.

Breaking Bad Spin-Off Better Call Saul Already Has A Second Series Booked, And Here’s The First Image

Production is underway just now on the pilot episode of Better Call Saul and AMC have decided to announce a second series pick up. That’s confidence. Perhaps it has something to do with having to get commitments out of the …

Late Night Fun – Waking Dead Tribute Art

Illustrator and comic book artist Kirk Manley has created a series of tribute pieces based on Season 4 episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead. These works have received a lot of interest and attention on social media and have been re-Tweeted …

AMC Shifts Gears From Zombies To The American Revolution In Turn

By Bill Watters With the end of the year’s episodes of Walking Dead, AMC’s is bringing us Turn (Sundays at 9pm/8pm central), a new spy drama set during the early years of the Revolutionary War. Having an affinity for historically …

Fanboy Rampage: The Beat Vs Comic Book Men

The Beat ran an article about sexism in comic stores entitled, “Breaking: A comic shop in this day and age is staffed by customer-repelling losers” that included the following excerpted review of Jay And Bob’s Silent Stash as seen in …

Special Edition Signed Copies of Cryptozoic Man Are On Offer – Until They Sell Out

Remember when the sales of Cryptozoic Man #1 from Dynamite went through the roof on eBay following a feature on Comic Book Men? Well, there’s another opportunity, though it’s not likely to last very long at all. AMC’s Comic Book Men …

Cryptozoic Man #1 Goes Insane On eBay After Last Night’s Comic Book Men

Back in October, after the release of Cryptozoic Man #1, it was a book that sold for $2 on eBay. And that was after five bids. Even after having a plug on AMC’s Comic Book Men, the stars being the …

Comic Book Men’s Walt Flanagan On Cryptozoic Man

Walt Flanagan is an average, everyday comic shop manager… that also does a podcast, is on AMC’s Comic Book Men, has drawn Batman for DC Comics multiple times, appeared in multiple movies and has this third creator-owned series with Bryan …

SCOOP: Sony Pictures Television Gives TV Pilot Development Commitment To Preacher

Over the last few days, we’ve read a whole bunch about AMC making a Preacher TV series. Bleeding Cool even got the CCO of AMC confirming it. But now, confirming some rumors and exploding some others, Bleeding Cool has learned …

The Head Of AMC Confirms They’ve Got Preacher – To A Guy In A Comic Shop (UPDATE)

It’s been a big hot rumour. That AMC is developing the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon DC/Vertigo comic Preacher as an ongoing TV series. BadAssDigest seemed to get the ball roilling yesterday. These tweets probably helped it along, Looks like about seven …

What Comics Make Kevin Smith Cry and Why Walt Flanagan Is His Hero – Smith’s Roundtable Interview at NYCC, With Audio

With the AMC show Comic Book Men about to air in its third season, Kevin Smith and the Comic Book Men took part in two roundtable interview sessions at New York Comic Con which Bleeding Cool was fortunate enough to …

You Can Expect To See Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul In Breaking Bad Spin-Off, Better Call Saul

The basic shape of Better Call Saul is starting to take focus around its Bob Oedenkirk-shaped nucleus.

Sgt. Abraham Ford And Eugene Porter Coming To Walking Dead TV, First Image

Season 4 of The Walking Dead kicks off on AMC tomorrow night. I think it’s going to be a bit of a smash.

You Can Watch All Of The New Walking Dead Minisode Series The Oath Right Now

As directed by Greg Nicotero, The Oath is a three-part series of short Walking Dead episodes, adding up to one prequel story.

Low Winter Sun On DVD In A Month – But Only In The UK Where Few Have Heard Of It

Low Winter Sun is the AMC adaptation of the Channel 4 British two part crime thriller mini-series of the same name from seven years ago.

The Walking Dead To Be Two Shows Now, With The Second One Following Different Characters In Different Locations

So successful is The Walking Dead that AMC are about to create that rather rare kind of TV beast, a spin-off parallel show taking place in the same continuity but telling a different story.

A Fair-Sized Preview Of Walking Dead Season 4 With Clips And Talking Heads

Not the Re-Animator kind of talking heads, though there almost might have been.