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What Is Up With Spider-Man’s Villains? And How Many [SPOILERS] Must Die?

I know I’m late to the party on this, but I finally sat down and watched Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night and I had some thoughts about what Sony and Marc Webb are doing with the series and what they might …

Guardians Of The Galaxy Crosses $200 Million As We Get A New Featurette

It’s kind of odd to get a featurette for a movie that’s on its third weekend in the box office, but then again Guardians of the Galaxy has been a juggernaut breaking the $200 Million mark on Friday and ending …

A Comic Show – Justice Lex’s Forever Ego

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, it’s Aaron from A Comic Shop with a big stack of New Comics Now! This week made my month, not only were there great books from DC, Marvel, …

McDonald’s Breaks Gender Barrier With Amazing Spider-Man 2 Girls’ Toys

By Julz Hendricks The happy meal toy world has been dominated by movie tie ins for years. Recently McDonald’s announced that they will not only be offering the boys superhero toys but will also be offering a girls’ version of …

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 End Credits Stinger Appears To Reveal Sinister Six Lineup

And what does this mean for Venom?

You Can Pre-Order A Big Plastic Head Full Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Now

The discs will come in Electro’s head. Because.

Win! An Amazing Spider-Man 2 Prize Pack

To celebrate the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – at UK cinemas now! – we are giving away 10 goody bags.

Marc Webb Would Like To Cast J. Jonah Jameson For The Next Spider-Man Movie

He also acknowledges how tricky it will be to live-up to the casting of JK Simmons.

Spider-Man’s Web Shooters In Real Life. Almost

The fact that there’s no web and this is basically a harpoon is something of a step down.

Win An Amazing Spider-Man 2 Poster In This Super Easy Contest

How would you like to have this Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster hanging on your wall? Well, you can win one in an incredibly easy contest. 1) Go to this Walmart page and scroll to the downloadable wallpapers. 2) Choose which …

When Bleeding Cool Met The Producers Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Avi Arad has been with the character for many years now, while Matt Tolmach has been the shepherding hand behind these two Amazing movies.

What We Loved About The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The moment in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that I loved more than any other was actually, for once, an example of Peter using his Spider-powers. I don’t think I felt this way about any of the previous Spider-Man films at …

Your Spider-Man/Electro Shipping Starts… Here

Advertising posters often have to push their elements into different positions to cope with different poster sizes. And London bus sides often offer challenging dimensions. Which does lead to this poster placing Spider-Man and Electro rather… closely. Almost as if …

All Six Of The Sinister Six In The Amazing Spider-Man 2?‏

You should sit tight for a big reveal soon, though. Very soon.

Gerry Conway Campaigned On Twitter For An Invite To the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premiere… Or Did He?‏

Enjoy the premiere, Gerry.

Watch: Spidey’s Big Entrance From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The first scene in Sony’s new Spider-sequel is a flashback to the Richard and Mary Parker storyline, but once that’s done, the screen is filled with a big, bright red logo. And then… If Marc Webb really wants to have …

Baby Spider-Man Wants To Sell You A Movie, Some Water‏

Well, he’s cute. I’ll check out the full length version just to see what it is they’re thinking of.

A Bunch Of New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Images

Only a bit more than a month until we’re free of the daily barrage of trailers and pics. We can do this, guys.